Discover the long lost Japanese Garden and waterfalls hidden in Greater Manchester | I❤️MCR

Hillside trails lead to this beautiful oriental garden and lake uncovered in Bolton – and here’s how you can own a piece of it

Recent events have made us cherish our open green spaces so much more, and people are out walking more than ever.

Greater Manchester is no exception.

Head north-west from Manchester towards Winter Hill and you’ll find Rivington – a moderate five-mile loop trail located in Bolton – offering scenic views for hiking, walking, and bird watching.

Ascend up the hills towards the pike and you’ll stumble upon the Rivington Terraced Gardens.

A magical series of hidden paths, caves, structures, waterfalls and lakes covering an area of roughly 45 acres of the hillside, it’s open all year round and is completely free to visit.

There’s nowhere else like it.

With iconic structures like the Pigeon Tower, the Seven Arch Bridge, the Summer Houses and Loggia, not to mention the Pulham rock faces around the pathways and lakes – the Italian Lake, and the beautiful Japanese Lake, which was once looked upon from glamorous oriental pagoda-style tea houses – the gardens are truly unique.

Lord Leverhulme (William Hesketh Lever), the soap magnate and founder of Lever Brothers (now Unilever) conceived and built the Terraced Gardens with the help of British garden designer, Thomas Hayton Mawson, between 1905 and 1925.

After Lever’s death, and subsequent sale of the property in 1925, the gardens began to fall into disrepair. The houses were demolished after World War II, and Rivington Terraced Gardens were left to the forces of nature and overgrown.

Today, 60 years later, United Utilities own the land, and the Rivington Heritage Trust repair and conservation project is well underway.

But it’s not cheap. Rivington is committed to maintaining the gardens in their current restored condition so that everyone can continue to enjoy them for years to come – but to do this costs over £100,000 per year.[…]

[…] If you, like us, discover that you love Rivington Terraced Gardens, you can buy your very own unique spot via their Squarea campaign. Whether it’s at the Italian Lake, the Lawns, the Japanese Lake or the Woodlands you can join their Squarea Campaign and help raise the funds towards their upkeep:[…]

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