Japanese director went deep into one of the poorest area in China丨Beyond the Mountain

About THE REASONS I LIVE HERE This is a documentary series featuring Chinese people who are living abroad and foreigners in China. We are currently working on our English subtitles and looking for volunteers! Please feel free to add subtitles in other languages too. THANK YOU for watching and please SUBSCRIBE for more videos like this!

[from the comments:

1 month ago (edited)
Totally didn’t expect to finish this in one sitting but I did, this was such a beautifully shot documentary, and I want to thank Director Takeuchi and his team, and of course the volunteer teachers for making the journey to allow us a peek into their lives. Often times, jaded city people romanticise and fetishize life in the country, we see it as a purer way of living and being more connected to nature, but sometimes, conditions are so tough. And even though to more liberal sensibilities (especially in the west) would frown at the prospect of having minorities assimilate and adopting the culture and language of the majority, we see that the villagers understand that in order to obtain a better life, I was touched by how the parents who were interviewed understood how important it is to be educated in the way of city people and being learned.

The Chinese government is almost always negatively portrayed in Western media, but in this documentary, I saw nothing but a government determined to reach out to the poorest and hard to access areas in China (the 70 year old grandma accepting Alipay, omg), free housing, providing electricity to those living high up so they don’t cut down trees to protect the environment, sure, more can always be done, but through the volunteer teachers, I saw patriotic and young Chinese people reaching out to the less privileged, and I think as long as the people are united and determined to help each other out, China will get stronger and stronger. Also, kudos to the volunteer teachers helping in poverty alleviation. You guys and girls are the real MVP.]

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