Photographer Captures Intimate Images of Curious Red Squirrels | My Modern Met

By Emma Taggart on June 24, 2021

These are some photogenic squirrels!

Seeing a squirrel in the wild is always an exciting moment, but we rarely get to see the cute creatures up-close. Most of the time, you might just see a flash of fluffy red fur scurrying up a tree or darting across the forest floor. However, Swedish photographer Johnny Kääpä has earned the trust of his local squirrels, who now curiously approach his camera and pose for snapshots.

Kääpä has spent years befriending red squirrels in order to capture their most candid moments. When he first started photographing them, he used long lenses to capture them from afar, However, now he’s switched to using shorter lenses and even fish eye lenses to document the adorable creatures at close range.

Taken throughout the seasons, Kääpä’s photos reveal the intimate lives of squirrels all-year-round. From foraging nuts to climbing trees, these bright-eyed and bushy-tailed squirrels are certainly busy. However, they have plenty of time for play, too. Kääpä’s photos show how inquisitive they are when it comes to his camera. They come right up and peer straight into his lens, resulting in brilliant portraits that capture their expressive faces in detail. […]

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