Hindenburg WAS NOT the DЕАDLIEST airship accident: Forgotten British Giant R.101

The crash of the British airship R101 is not as well known as the famous Zeppelin Hindenburg Disaster. Nonetheless, the R.101 disaster still remains the biggest tragedy in history among commercial airships.

On October 4th, 1930, the giant airship R-101 set to fly from London to India. At that time, it was the largest and arguably most luxurious airship in the history of aviation. The R-101 was the first link in the British Empire’s ambitious plan to create a worldwide network of air routes and build a fleet of giant airships. Just like British dreadnoughts ruled the seas, British airships were meant to rule the skies. But the crash of R-101 put an end to Britain’s ambitious Imperial plans.

00:00 – R.101
01:40 – Air Giants
03:48 – Socialist vs Capitalist
05:55 – Intestines
08:33 – Hydrogen
10:35 – Diesel
12:24 – Luxury
15:30 – 14 Meters
18:55 – First and Last
22:04 – Curse


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