Las Fallas De Valencia: Things We’ve Learned 🔥


Hey Guys! Welcome, and in today’s video, I am going to share all the details of las fallas de valencia festival of fire, what to do, how to enjoy it, and how we navigated through the month without having a single clue about what’s happening next 🤣

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Las Fallas is Valencia’s biggest festival, and it is so important that UNESCO has added it to its list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.
It started in the Middle Ages when carpenters burned pieces of wood that they had used all winter to hold up their lights as a way to welcome spring. Over time, they added rags and old clothes to the fires, which made them look like effigies. This led to the creation of the artistic puppets called ninots (in Valencian).
Today, the city is filled with great paper-mache statues called “fallas.” A falla is made up of ninots that are put together to make a scene. This scene is usually satirical and political and often features famous people and politicians.
During the festival, everyone in the city goes out into the streets. From March 15th to March 19th, the whole town becomes an outdoor art gallery and party that never ends. The fallas are displayed for a few days, and on the last day of the festival, they are burned to clean the air and welcome spring.
The Fallas week is full of thousands of things to do, including traditional and not-so-traditional music, tons of gunpowder, emotional religious acts, paellas in the street, and more. Enjoy Fallas with all of your senses, and you must already be looking forward to it. There will be so many things happening during this time and since we went through Las Fallas with zero ideas of what to look out for, we definitely learned a lot so in this video, we hope that we can create a game plan for you that will give you a roadmap on how to experience Las Fallas without missing the best parts.

▶️ The Fallas Festival events that we think you shouldn’t miss are:

00:00 Intro
01:39 Brief history of Fallas
04:00 Ninot Exhibition
07:49 La Crida (The Proclamation)
11:38 Mascleta
12:43 Watch the full Mascleta here
19:21 Nit De Foc (Night of fire)
20:55 Planta Fallas
23:03 Ofrenda (Flower offering)
25:04 La Crema De Las Fallas

▶️ Tips:
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27:35 Which party should we go to?
28:10 What are the must-tries?
28:52 When is the best time to visit the monuments?
29:16 What is the best way to explore the city during Fallas?


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  1. I wonder if “Burning man” was inspired by las Fallas. I mean it started at spring equinox originally.

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