la belleza de la moda

I feel it necessary to write a short post on Carnival.  When I say carnival, I am not referencing the typical carnival that you are imagining in your mind…you know, with creepy looking clowns and massive tigers doing tricks…i”m referring to the yearly celebration that takes place not only all throughout Spain but also all of Europe!  What is this celebration for?  None other than the over turning of the daily life that look place years ago!! DUHHHH.  Carnival is not just any ordinary holiday however!  It is one of much imagination and excitement.  I myself closely relate it to Halloween.  Why you may ask?  Well, lets just say costumes have an important role in part of the celebration!  

 Carnival consists of people lining the streets in ornate costumes, typically wearing masquerade masks that cover most of their faces.  whether it’s watching the parades or attending the public…

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