Is this the GREATEST bass line of all time?

Today’s episode is slightly different as we dive into one of the greatest bass lines of all time. James Jamerson’s performance in MARVIN GAYE’s WHAT’s GOING ON is a masterclass in the electric bass and I hope you enjoy our take on it.

I’m Jack Conte the CEO of @Patreon and one-half of the bands @ScaryPockets and @Pomplamoose.

Joining me today are 3 of my best musician friends;

Ryan Lerman, a professional guitarist the other half of @Scarypockets
Lauren O’Connell, a professional singer-songwriter who plays in a band with my wife called @Myterriblefriend
Nick Campbell, a professional bassist who plays in my bands @Scarypockets and @Pomplamoose

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The Geography of Vegetables

The stunning conclusion to everyone’s favorite geography series.

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TikTok Shows Motorcyclist Befriending Thirsty Armadillo on Highway | My Modern Met

By Emma Taggart on October 18, 2021

This little armadillo was grateful he shared his water.

Armadillos are strange yet wonderful creatures. The species is named after a Spanish word meaning “little armored one” which is apt considering armadillos are the only mammal with a hard shell. They typically stay away from humans, but occasionally, they can be found on the side of roads. When motorcyclist Nelson Cardoso was heading home from work on a Brazilian highway, he noticed an armadillo that was looking lost and stopped to help it.

“He was about to cross the street, and the traffic was constant,” Cardoso recalls. “I stopped the bike to get him out of there.” Armadillos have a tendency to jump straight up into the air when they are startled. Unfortunately, this trait often leads to them being killed when they leap and hit the undercarriage of vehicles on highways. Luckily, for this particular armadillo, Cardoso was on hand to make sure it stayed out of harm’s way.

After Cardoso parked his motorbike, he was surprised to see the little armadillo walk towards him. “They’re wild animals,” Cardoso explains. “Normally, they’re skittish. But he approached me without fear.” Since it was a hot day, Cardoso grabbed some water and began pouring it over the animal to cool it down. Sure enough, the thirsty armadillo began to drink and even sipped water straight from Cardoso’s hands.

Cardoso captured the sweet moment on video and shared it on TikTok, where it now has over two million views. “It was a great pleasure,” Cardoso says. “Being able to help him was very gratifying.”

Check out the sweet video below.


foi um privilégio poder ajudá-lo.

♬ som original – “Nelsinho”


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Sound on Mars | NASA Perseverance Rover

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Why giant turbines are pushing the limits of possibility

By Chris Baraniuk
Technology of Business reporter

Huge wind turbines are pushing the limits of what ports and installation vessels can handle.

Next year, Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas will put up a gargantuan prototype – a 15-megawatt (MW) wind turbine that will be powerful enough to provide electricity to roughly 13,000 British homes.
It will be the biggest such turbine in the world, though potentially not for long. Wind turbines just keep getting bigger – and it’s happening faster than almost anybody predicted.
Chinese firm, MingYang, recently announced plans for an even more powerful device clocking in at 16MW, for example. Just four years ago, the maximum capacity of an offshore turbine was 8MW.
“It’s happening quicker than we would wish, in a sense,” says Aurélie Nasse, head of offshore product market strategy at Vestas. The firm is one of a handful that have led the development of super-sized turbines – but headaches associated with building ever larger machines are beginning to emerge.
“We need to make sure it’s a sustainable race for everyone in the industry,” says Ms Nasse, as she points out the need for larger harbours, and the necessary equipment and installation vessels required to bring today’s huge turbine components offshore.
Then there’s the hefty investments required to get to that point. “If you look at the financial results of the [manufacturers], basically none of us make money anymore,” explains Ms Nasse. “That’s a big risk.”

Yet the wind industry’s willingness to push limits is one of its greatest strengths, she adds. A double-edged sword, or turbine blade, if you will. And there are few signs that the race to 20MW turbines and beyond is about to slow down.
“It’s just astonishing,” says Guy Dorrell, a spokesman for Siemens Gamesa, referring to the fact that a single offshore wind farm can now power a million homes. By the end of this year, his firm plans to install an onshore prototype of a 14MW offshore turbine that can be boosted to supply 15MW.
“We’ve worked out that a single turn of a 14MW turbine would power a Tesla Model 3 for 352km (218 miles),” he says. Besides heightened power output, one of the advantages of bigger turbines is that they are more efficient in terms of installation time and cost – clearly, you only need one base structure and set of cables for a 14MW turbine versus two for a pair of 7MW machines. […]

Continue reading: Why giant turbines are pushing the limits of possibility

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Waterspout spectacle off the coast of Cuba | BBC News

Residents of Cienfuegos, Cuba, have been sharing footage of a waterspout which formed just off the coast, near the city, on Saturday October 16.

The phenomenon lasted for around ten minutes according to the country’s meteorological agency.

No damage was reported.

Source: Waterspout spectacle off the coast of Cuba

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CONTRETEMPS – Animation Short Film 2021 – GOBELINS

Living with OCD, Anna has an organized routine. This balance breaks when her sister forgets a piece of instrument. To bring it back, Anna has to face a world out of her control in which her fears materialize.
Anna, atteinte de TOCs, tient un quotidien ordonné. Celui-ci est bouleversé lorsque sa sœur Maeve oublie une pièce de son instrument. Pour lui rapporter, Anna se confronte au monde extérieur où ses peurs se matérialisent.


Directors / Réalisateurs : Laurine BAILLE, Gabriel GÉRARD, Lise LÉGIER, Chloé MAINGÉ, Claire SUN
Team contact / Contact de l’équipe :
Soundtrack / Musique : Arthur DAIRAINE
Sound editor / Montage sonore : Cédric DENOOZ
Mix / Mixage : Vincent MAUDUIT, Nathan ROBERT
Color Grading / Etalonnage : David CHANTOISEAU
Production : GOBELINS, l’école de l’image – Cécile BLONDEL :
Distribution : Miyu Distribution – Luce GROSJEAN :

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DEAD MEAT (Animated Short Film)

For a long time I wanted to animate something that makes people giggle and feel joy in a weird way, because everybody gets silly sometimes and I feel like everybody has a place in their heart to have a laugh at something weird.

I’m proud to present an Animated short that I have worked on during my time at Vancouver Film School!

Thanks to everyone that’s helped and supported me throughout this project!

Seagull Model By: Viktorija Sipilova

Seagull Rig By: Kamila Bianchi

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GC’s DJ Road Show – Beco’s Brazil

When it comes to popular music, it’s hard to top Brazil for variety, excellence and sheer volume. On this program, Georges Collinet welcomes co-host Béco Dranoff in Brazil. Béco is a producer, broadcaster and lifelong connoisseur of Brazilian music. He recently returned to Sao Paulo after some three decades in New York City. He takes us on a whirlwind tour of music produced during the pandemic, from funk to hip-hop, to mangue beat and cool singer-songwriters, it’s a feast of new talent for Brazilian music fans everywhere. Produced by Sean Barlow and Beco Dranoff.

APWW #838

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The Viruses That Shaped Humanity

You might get the impression that all viruses are terrible, awful, no-good things that just wreak havoc on humanity. But, surprise: The truth is way more interesting!

Hosted by: Hank Green


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