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Do We Really Live Under Capitalism?

ne of the most common objections to critiques of capitalism is “we don’t have real capitalism, we have corporatism” or “crony capitalism” or even “techno-feudalism.” These claims are often well-intentioned, but they miss the point. Let’s talk about capitalism, corporatism, … Continue reading

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Everything – Yes, Everything – is a SPRING! (Pretty much)

[…] Science Asylum video on Schrodinger Equation: JOIN our PATREON (Members help pay for the animations. THANK YOU so much!): https://www.patreon.com/arvinash RECOMMENDED READING: Schwartz, “Quantum Field Theory and the Standard model” https://amzn.to/3HmWdYt CHAPTERS: 0:00 The most important motion in the … Continue reading

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The True Meaning of Schrödinger’s Equation

Schrödinger’s equation governs the behavior of tiny quantum particles by treating them as wave functions. But is Schrödinger’s equation actually a wave equation? Maybe not. Check out Arvin Ash’s video: ________________________________ VIDEO ANNOTATIONS/CARDS Heat Flow with a Thermal Camera: Atomic … Continue reading

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A Famed Dolphin-Human Fishing Partnership Is in Danger of Disappearing | Scientific Anerican

Credit: Lars Mik Photography/500px/Getty Images A call for help sounds to ensure survival of a 140-year-old fishing partnership pairing cetaceans and humans   People in Laguna proudly refer to their southern Brazilian city as the “national capital of fish-herding dolphins.” For … Continue reading

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A Guide to Propaganda

I first interacted with Edward Bernays through Noam Chomsky’s many works on manufacturing consent. Written in 1928, Edward Bernays’ seminal work Propaganda explains his craft of influencing and manipulating public opinion. Whether it’s influencing the masses on whether they should … Continue reading

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Nothing

In this StarTalk video, we’re talking about nothing. Not in the Seinfeldian sense, but in the science sense. What is nothing? Neil explains how our usual definition of something being “nothing” is dictated by our senses. What if you wanted … Continue reading

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Things Discovered By Accident

Accidental discoveries and inventions have often turned out to be some of the most important to human history. While it might seem intuitive to think that all archaeological finds were discovered by archaeologists or that all scientific discoveries were purposely … Continue reading

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The rise of corporate landlords: how they are swallowing city centres like Manchester one block of flats at a time | The Conversation

Skylines are being transformed by this boom sector. Peter Devlin/Alamy Gone are the days when buy to let landlords were behind most of the private rental properties in the UK.   The housing prospects for young people in the UK … Continue reading

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The Secret History of Pasta

This fun, animated video follows the history of pasta from 5th century Sicily to the present day. Animation: Fly Machine Picture Co.

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Mvrdv’s Brand New Housing Complex In Amsterdam, Netherlands | Bored Panda via Pinterest

Jul 24, 2022 – Every now and then, we hear about funny architectural fails where lack of taste meets poor aesthetics and greets atrocious execution. Check out our previous features with such examples here, here, and here. But way more … Continue reading

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