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A Conservationist Teaches Geese to Use Safer Migration Routes by Flying With Them Across Europe | Colossal

MAY 20, 2022. GRACE EBERT Back in 1995, Christian Moullec embarked on his first migration alongside a flock of lesser white-fronted geese that he intended to introduce to Sweden. He flew an adapted delta plane alongside the birds, which were threatened … Continue reading

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Europe is Building a Massive Undersea Power Network

Why an interconnected energy system makes a lot of sense. For more by Tomorrow’s Build subscribe now – https://bit.ly/3vOOJ98 Join our mailing list – https://bit.ly/tomorrows-build Executive Producer and Narrator – Fred Mills Producer – Adam Savage Video Editing and Graphics … Continue reading

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Brilliant Teen Invents a Prosthetic Arm You Can Control With Your Mind | My Modern Met

By Larisa Crowder on May 11, 2022 This teen just created a prosthetic arm that is way more affordable than what’s on the market, with the highest algorithm accuracy, and it requires no invasive surgery. Incredible!   People took on … Continue reading

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Where Did Cheese Really Come From?

Let’s talk Cheese History. Weird History is taking you on an epic food journey as we reveal the History of Cheese. We’re going from the very beginning and seeing where cheese began and what it is today. We’ll make stops … Continue reading

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Real-life cartoon sculpture in Gibbs Farm, New Zealand | Neil Dawson

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Flower print!🌸  | artist: 141164639

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Magical performance by @yoann_bourgeois | airubud

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Automatic zen garden! | daniel_de_bruin

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Earth as seen by the Expedition 49 crew aboard the International Space Station | Space Porn

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Why Are There Stones Along Railway Tracks?

The crushed stones that line railroad tracks are collectively called track ballast. More specifically, the track ballast constitutes the trackbed upon which sleepers or railroad ties are laid. As you may have seen, these stones are packed below, between and … Continue reading

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