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The world’s first planetary defense test mission | Thomas Zurbuchen

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Waterfall Swing

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JWST Captures Square-Shaped Ripple Rings Around a Star | My Modern Met

By Madyson DeJausserand on September 23, 2022 Credit: NASA/ESA/CSA/Ryan Lau/JWST ERS Team/Judy Schmidt Even astronomers are surprised by the shape of this star’s ripples.   “Nope, I don’t know what this is…” admitted citizen scientist Judy Schmidt when she shared … Continue reading

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Juana Molina | Radiolab

MAY 4, 2009 Image credits: blmurch Sometimes on the podcast, we like to talk about musicians and the music they make. Today we introduce you to Juana Molina. Last season we used some of her of music in the breaks … Continue reading

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After 3 Years, Man Finally Gets Photos of Hummingbird w/ Rainbow Wings | My Modern Met

By Jessica Stewart on September 21, 2022 These stunning photos really capture the unique beauty of hummingbird wings. During the summer of 2020, Stan Maupin found himself with some time on his hands. Like most of us, he was spending … Continue reading

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Search and Ye Might Find – 99% Invisible

Adam Rogers is a senior tech correspondent at Insider – and he’s been thinking and writing about what’s known in the industry simply as “search.” For the last decade, people have been grumbling about not being able to find things … Continue reading

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Technologies We Take for Granted That May Come to an End

And why it will matter. […]

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What Will Happen If Earth Keeps Getting Warmer? | Avoiding Apocalypse | Spark

The Earth is heating up and this climate change will have cataclysmic consequences for humanity – namely the desertification of agricultural lands and submersion of some of the planet’s most populated zones. This episode explores the best scientific solutions to … Continue reading

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How public transportation reduces traffic congestion | H0W_THlNGS_W0RK 

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Meta-Materials: Invisibility Cloasks, Superlenses, And Earthquake Protection

[…] Metamaterials are the next technological stage “after” materials. It’s a research area that has progressed incredibly quickly in the past decade, and that includes superlenses, invisibility cloaks, earthquake protection, and also chocolate. Yes, chocolate. What are metamaterials, and what … Continue reading

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