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What we found when we went looking for another Earth

n the last few years, scientists have discovered thousands of exoplanets – and a lot of them are surprisingly weird. Subscribe and turn on notifications 🔔 so you don’t miss any videos: http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Watch part 2, How to find a … Continue reading

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Six recent discoveries that have changed how we think about human origins | The Conversation

Neanderthal adult male, based on 40,000 year-old remains found at Spy in Belgium. IR Stone/Shutterstock You may have heard science has reconsidered its view of Neanderthals but did you know human hybrid species played a key role in our evolution? … Continue reading

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Technologies We Take for Granted That May Come to an End

And why it will matter. […]

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Don’t always follow others sometimes stop and think: the smartest solution is often in front of your eyes

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The Best Places To Live To Survive Climate Change

[…] We hear a lot about ways to mitigate climate change, but as the effects start to pile up, we should probably talk about ways to prepare for the worst. So let’s look at the best places around the world … Continue reading

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The fundamentals of space-time: Part 1 – Andrew Pontzen and Tom Whyntie

View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/the-fundame… Space is where things happen. Time is when things happen. And sometimes, in order to really look at the universe, you need to take those two concepts and mash them together. In this first lesson of … Continue reading

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An interstellar voyage explores the ‘paradox’ of twins separated by light years | Aeon Videos

Trek light years into deep space to explore time dilation and the ‘twin paradox’ at the centre of special relativity. Albert Einstein’s introduction of special relativity at the dawn of the 20th century left physicists with any number of peculiar … Continue reading

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You’ll prefer 120dB

[…] We often use decibels, a measure of sound pressure, to describe how loud something is – but loudness is caused by how we perceive sounds, and the two often don’t line up. LEARN MORE ************ To learn more about … Continue reading

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Run in opposite directions to see who your dog loves more.. 😅

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Like pop music, humpback whale songs spread, mutate, and fall out of fashion | Aeon Videos

Humpback whale songs spread through the oceans like pop music, raising deeper questions about whale cultural evolution Since the discovery of humpback whale songs in the 1960s, the exact reason why male humpbacks sing has puzzled scientists. Like other marine … Continue reading

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