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The Ocean Cleanup Conceptualizes Its Third Massive Apparatus to Remove Trash from the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ | Colossal

SEPTEMBER 22, 2022. GRACE EBERT Sadly known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a wide swath of ocean between the U.S. coast and Japan is an enormous vortex of trash. A gyre, or system of currents, surrounds the area and sucks … Continue reading

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The world’s first planetary defense test mission | Thomas Zurbuchen

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Oceans Give, Oceans Take

Funded by This American Life Written and Narrated by Robert Krulwich Animation Directed and Designed by Nate Milton Based on the work of Aatish Bhatia Music by Buck St. Thomas  

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All 13 Types of Bird Nests (With 30+ Species Examples)

[…] Every bird needs a safe and secure location to incubate its eggs and raise its young. These ingenious creatures go about this in several ways, 13 in fact! In this video, we’ll cover the 13 ways birds construct their … Continue reading

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JWST Captures Square-Shaped Ripple Rings Around a Star | My Modern Met

By Madyson DeJausserand on September 23, 2022 Credit: NASA/ESA/CSA/Ryan Lau/JWST ERS Team/Judy Schmidt Even astronomers are surprised by the shape of this star’s ripples.   “Nope, I don’t know what this is…” admitted citizen scientist Judy Schmidt when she shared … Continue reading

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What we found when we went looking for another Earth

n the last few years, scientists have discovered thousands of exoplanets – and a lot of them are surprisingly weird. Subscribe and turn on notifications 🔔 so you don’t miss any videos: http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Watch part 2, How to find a … Continue reading

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What is “Nothing”?

[…] This video was inspired by “Levels of Nothing” by Robert Lawrence Kuhn, in the book “The Mystery of Existence: Why is there Anything At All” by John Leslie and Robert Lawrence Kuhn. https://www.wiley.com/en-us/The+Myste… It’s also discussed in “Levels of … Continue reading

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Six recent discoveries that have changed how we think about human origins | The Conversation

Neanderthal adult male, based on 40,000 year-old remains found at Spy in Belgium. IR Stone/Shutterstock You may have heard science has reconsidered its view of Neanderthals but did you know human hybrid species played a key role in our evolution? … Continue reading

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5 Problem Invasive Species In Australia

n this video I will be going through 5 problem invasive species that can be found in Australia. Australia has been separated from the rest of the world for around 180 millions years. This separation means that there are many … Continue reading

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International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste | Food  and Agriculture Organization at the United Nations

Reducing food losses and waste is essential in a world where the number of people affected by hunger continues to show a rapidly increasing trend, and tons and tons of edible food are lost and/or wasted every day. The International … Continue reading

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