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Jane Goodall on fires, floods, frugality and the good fight

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TikTok Shows Motorcyclist Befriending Thirsty Armadillo on Highway | My Modern Met

By Emma Taggart on October 18, 2021 This little armadillo was grateful he shared his water. Armadillos are strange yet wonderful creatures. The species is named after a Spanish word meaning “little armored one” which is apt considering armadillos are … Continue reading

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Waterspout spectacle off the coast of Cuba | BBC News

Residents of Cienfuegos, Cuba, have been sharing footage of a waterspout which formed just off the coast, near the city, on Saturday October 16. The phenomenon lasted for around ten minutes according to the country’s meteorological agency. No damage was … Continue reading

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DEAD MEAT (Animated Short Film)

For a long time I wanted to animate something that makes people giggle and feel joy in a weird way, because everybody gets silly sometimes and I feel like everybody has a place in their heart to have a laugh … Continue reading

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The Viruses That Shaped Humanity

You might get the impression that all viruses are terrible, awful, no-good things that just wreak havoc on humanity. But, surprise: The truth is way more interesting! Hosted by: Hank Green […]

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The Viral Origins of the Placenta

During an ancient viral infection, a protein was embedded into the human genome, allowing the placenta to develop as it has. This animation was produced by Diana Gradinaru, supported by the Genetics Society in celebration of their 100th anniversary in … Continue reading

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Will COVID-19 vaccines cause fertility problems? Are SARS-CoV-2 Spike and Syncytin identical?

Kenneth Witwer addresses the idea that COVID-19 vaccines may cause fertility problems. Specifically, a recent proposal says that the the endogenous protein Syncytin-1 (important for successful pregnancy and reportedly loaded into EVs) is identical or nearly identical to the COVID-19 … Continue reading

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How Did The States Of Brazil Get Their Name?

[…] SOURCES & FURTHER READING Federative Units Of Brazil: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federat… Brazil State Names Etymology: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of… Roraima: https://www.v-brazil.com/information/… Amapá: https://idictio.it/l.php?name=Amap%C3%A1 Amazonas: https://youtu.be/jiFYYhAIVRU Acre: https://www.britannica.com/place/Acre… Rondônia: https://www.v-brazil.com/information/… Pará: https://www.v-brazil.com/information/… Rio Grande Do Norte: http://www.citypopulation.de/en/brazi… Alagoas: https://www.britannica.com/place/Alagoas Sergipe: https://www.oxfordreference.com/view/… Goiás: https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Goi%C3… Rio De … Continue reading

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There’s a Lever in Your Ear and It Does Something Amazing

[…] Impedance mismatch is when there’s a difference in acoustic impedance between two mediums. When this happens sound is reflected at the boundary. There’s a mismatch between air and the water in your inner ear. If it wasn’t for a … Continue reading

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When did light skin appear in modern humans?

[…] Sources: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-… https://centerforhealthprogress.org/b… https://www.science.org/content/artic… https://www.independent.co.uk/news/sc… https://www.livescience.com/42838-eur… […]

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