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Looping Tendrils and Supple Petals Overflow From Lina Kusaite’s Ethereal Botanical Illustrations | Colossal

JUNE 1, 2023 KATE MOTHES “Lotus Land 1.” All images © Lina Kusaite Brussels-based illustrator Lina Kusaite’s meticulous botanical drawings range from book pages to expansive wall murals. “I love spending hours in the art shop, feeling the surfaces of … Continue reading

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Jean Baptiste Vérany’s Wildly Influential Cephalopod Chromolithographs Depict Sea Creatures in Stunning Opalescent Color | Colossal

MAY 26, 2023 GRACE EBERT All images via The Biodiversity Heritage Library In 1851, Jean Baptiste Vérany published a collection of illustrations that captured the subtle colors and tonal variances of cephalopods. In 1851, French pharmacist-turned-naturalist Jean Baptiste Vérany (1800–1865) … Continue reading

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Aweeeeeeeee this is so beautiful.

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Creating the perfect wildlife photo opportunities | @davidmbird

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Flat-Lays of Halved Walnuts and Other Shells Study the Diversity of the Botanical Fruits | Colossal

MAY 22, 2023 GRACE EBERT Carya hickory sections. All images © Jonas Frei Frei’s studies have recently culminated in a book devoted to walnuts and hickories, which includes striking flat-lay photos. During a visit to the Zürich arboretum, Jonas Frei … Continue reading

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_HGS5999 in Rockforms | Helgi G Sigurdsson

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The only one who deserves an Oscar is the dog

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Ctenophore: Scientists identify jellyfish-like animal as the oldest living creature on Earth | CBBC

Experts believe they first emerged up to 700 million years ago – compared to dinosaurs which only appeared around 230 million years ago. Scientists in America have discovered the oldest living creature on our planet. Experts have confirmed that it … Continue reading

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What Happened in Tunguska in 1908? New Study May Have An Answer

[…] Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the Tunguska 1908 event and the new study that may provide an answer to a 100+ year old mystery. Paper: https://academic.oup.com/mnras/articl… […]

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Why Indigenous ‘Spirit medicine’ principles must be a priority in psychedelic research | ScienceBlog

May 18, 2023 UC Berkeley Yuria Celidwen, a UC Berkeley Othering and Belonging Institute senior fellow, sheds light on how Western institutions can ethically approach the use of psychedelics. (Photo illustration by Neil Freese) Indigenous people have used psychedelics for … Continue reading

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