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Leaf-tailed Gecko | Discover Earth

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Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Quantum Physics is Different – with Philip Ball

Quantum physics has a reputation as one of the most obscure and impenetrable subjects in science. Subscribe for regular science videos: http://bit.ly/RiSubscRibe Philip’s book “Beyond Weird” is available now: https://geni.us/Fdybs5 Philip Ball will talk about what quantum theory really means … Continue reading

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Man Rescues Monkey | Wildlife Planet

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Animals can be detected from DNA in the air | BBC Newsround

Associate Professor Kristine Bohmann collects air samples at Copenhagen Zoo Researchers have found that by testing the air they can work out which animals have been in an area. Scientists analysed environmental DNA (eDNA) and found that the animals give … Continue reading

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Kaleidoscopic Patterns Coil Around Miniature Snakes Exquisitely Cast in Glass | Colossal

JANUARY 14, 2022. GRACE EBERT All images © Ryan Eicher Intricate linework and trippy, geometric motifs flow through the minuscule glass-blown serpents by Ryan Eicher. The Maryland-based artist casts smooth, colorful gradients, rainbow stripes, thin parallel bands, and intersecting helices … Continue reading

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Teeming with Leaves and Grasses, Oil Paintings Cloaked in Lush Foliage Evoke the Forest Floor | Colossal

JANUARY 14, 2022. GRACE EBERT ll images © JA Paunkovic Thick foliage in shades of green sprout from every inch of JA Paunkovic’s canvases. The Serbian husband-and-wife duo of Jelena and Aleksandar render luxuriant scenes brimming with realistic plant life. … Continue reading

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These Polar Bears Are Living Their Best Life on an Abandoned Island | My Modern Met

By Jessica Stewart on January 14, 2022 “Nature always sends you something when you least expect it.” Russian underwater and wildlife photographer Dmitry Kokh took a trip of a lifetime to an abandoned meteorological station on Kolyuchin Island. This small … Continue reading

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Strong Winds Sculpt Frozen Sand into Otherworldly Pillars on a Lake Michigan Beach

JANUARY 12, 2022. GRACE EBERT Last weekend in St. Joseph, Michigan, tall layered pedestals and sloping tables sprung up from the otherwise calm Tiscornia Park Beach, turning the lakeside vista into a strange, otherworldly environment. Photographer Joshua Nowicki (previously) captured … Continue reading

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This Ice-Man Knew About the Hoof Fungus – Do You?

The story of Otzi the iceman is super cool because he had two different types of fungi with him. If you don’t already know the hoof fungus / tinder fungus / false tinder fungus (Fomes fomentarius), then I encourage you … Continue reading

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Dog Stops Tornado from Forming

Such a brave 🐶 +Last videoErin the Annoying Vegan – https://youtu.be/0q2N2GcEZBU +The SocialMedias Dog #Tornado #DustDevil

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