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A Conversation

A Film by Phil Hessler Produced by WZRD and JacksonHole The film is built around a conversation between Academy Award-winning filmmaker Jimmy Chin and Ugandan-born snowboarder Brolin Mawejje. Their conversation tells a story about their unlikely career paths and diversity … Continue reading

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Set in Helsinki | Samba Sinestesia

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A Mesmerizing Animation Spins Through Banknotes From 23 Countries in a Hypnotic Look at What Cultures Value | Colossal

SEPTEMBER 9, 2021GRACE EBERT An endless loop of lines, ornate motifs, emblems, and historical figures converge in a hypnotic animation by Los Angeles-based director Lachlan Turczan. Paired with Blake Mills’s subdued track “Money Is The One True God,” the music video … Continue reading

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A Chairy Tale

In this Oscar®-nominated short film, a chair, animated by Evelyn Lambart, refuses to be sat upon, forcing a young man to perform a sort of dance with the chair. The musical accompaniment is by Ravi Shankar and Chatur Lal. This … Continue reading

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Project Unlocked 2021 | Contact Manchester

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Theme: Animal Wall Blend | @sakulchai_sikitikul

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Through Totemic Sculptures and Sound Art, Guadalupe Maravilla Explores the Therapeutic Power of Indigenous Ritual

In 1984, eight-year-old Guadalupe Maravilla left his family and joined a group of other children fleeing their homes in El Salvador. The Central American country was in the midst of a brutal civil war, a profoundly traumatic experience that’s left … Continue reading

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A Serendipitous Photo Captures an Acrobatic Goose Contorting Its Body to Fly Upside Down | Colossal

GRACE EBERT An uncanny shot by Dutch photographer Vincent Cornelissen is leading a chase for answers after it shows a Bean goose performing aerial acrobatics. Taken in March near the small town of Arnhem, The Netherlands, the odd image captures the … Continue reading

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Monumental Cardboard Bridges Float in the Sky in Temporary Installations by Olivier Grossetête | Colossal

Architecture en Fête, Villeneuve lez Avignon, France (2015). All images © Olivier Grossetête   Temporarily seen hovering above small European towns or balancing on a river in floating canoes are elaborate bridges designed to be constructed and demolished in a … Continue reading

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Performance in the streets of Takamatshu-Shi, Japan. Video by @riyo___ | Air la Grande Phrase


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