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A Guide to Propaganda

I first interacted with Edward Bernays through Noam Chomsky’s many works on manufacturing consent. Written in 1928, Edward Bernays’ seminal work Propaganda explains his craft of influencing and manipulating public opinion. Whether it’s influencing the masses on whether they should … Continue reading

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I Slept Like a Victorian for a Week

[…] In this video, I take on a week-long experiment. Since I already wear historical fashion, I thought it’d be fun to try sleeping like a Victorian for a week. Victorians (and many other people throughout earlier history) slept in … Continue reading

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The best magician ever! 😂

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CNET (@cnet) • Instagram reel

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Connecting the human body to the outside world | Aeon 

What it’s like to wear a prosthetic that ‘feels’ As a biomedical engineer and a practitioner of the Indian classical dance form bharatanatyam, Shriya Srinivasan understands the value of being able to sense the world around you with your entire … Continue reading

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Dojo Sukui (Loach Catching Dance)

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Vivaldi’s epic WINTER on solo harp!! #shorts

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The size and speed of a moose in about 3 feet of snow

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Stormy Weather in color – The Nicholas Brothers and Cab Calloway | Colorized with DeOldify

The Nicholas Brothers’ tap dance scene from the movie “Stormy Weather” (1943). Cab Calloway and his orchestra performing “Jumpin’ Jive”. […]

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VISUAL FODDER (@visual.fodder) • Instagram reel

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