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Tripping Every Breaker in Italy

To get started for free, visit and the first 200 of you will get 20% off Brilliant’s annual premium subscription. I love Italy! So many breakers to pop!! My new MERCH: Thanks for your support @ Post … Continue reading

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How Animals Are Rapidly Evolving Because of Climate Change | WIRED

Squids are shrinking, birds are migrating and lizards are getting blown away by hurricanes. The signs are everywhere; animals are changing because of climate change. We asked biologist Thor Hanson to walk us through three animal adaptation experiments. Read THOR … Continue reading

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Producing food while restoring the planet – a glimpse of farming in the future | Aeon Videos

  It’s time for a new agricultural revolution. How can conservation-oriented farming work with the environment to feed us all? The agricultural revolution that began around 10,000 years ago marks a turning point in human history: the dawn of civilisation. … Continue reading

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Could we ACTUALLY grow potatoes on Mars? | OVERTHINKING The Martian

[…] 00:00 – Introduction 01:07 – Is it possible to grow crops in Martian soil? 03:23 – Is human waste as a fertiliser a good idea? (NOPE) 07:16 – What about Mars’ different gravity? 11:30 – Outro 11:52 – Brilliant … Continue reading

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Amazon River Dolphins: Pink Freshwater Dolphins That Eat Piranhas

The scariest fish in the world are afraid of the cutest apex predator of the Amazon. | Go to and use code ANIMALOGIC to get 15% off ClickUp’s massive Unlimited Plan for a year! Start reclaiming your time for … Continue reading

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Told by her daughter Wendy, MINK! chronicles the remarkable Patsy Takemoto Mink, a Japanese American from Hawaii who became the first woman of color elected to the U.S. Congress, on her harrowing mission to co-author and defend Title IX, the … Continue reading

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Street art | Sam

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Good Grief

Five linear stages? Nora’s not convinced. 2021 Palm Springs Shortfest 2021 Hamptons International Film Festival – Suffolk County Grant Winner Starring: Stella Baker – Nora Maggie Cohen – Cousin Maggie Catherine Curtin – Aunt Karen Peter Friedman – Uncle Harold … Continue reading

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Animator Anna Samo Scripts a Love Letter to Artists in Her Short Film ‘Conversations With a Whale’ | Colossal

AUGUST 3, 2022. KATE MOTHES Artists know this story well: an opportunity opens for an exhibition or a festival and in goes the application, but all that comes back is a rejection letter. While one or two letters of this … Continue reading

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In ‘Colonial Ruptures,’ Artist Sharif Bey Defies the Constraints of Time through Fragmented Figures | Colossal

AUGUST 3, 2022. GRACE EBERT “The Oviary I,” earthenware, mixed media. All images © Sharif Bey Artist Sharif Bey centers his practice around recontextualizing, a process he undertakes by fracturing long-held perspectives through fragments. His figurative sculptures unify disparate materials … Continue reading

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