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Tesla Made an X-Ray of His Own Foot With a Machine He Designed | My Modern Met

By Jessica Stewart on September 26, 2022 Left: Martin van Meytes, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons / Right: via Radiographics Did you know that Tesla experimented with x-ray technology? Inventor Nikola Tesla is famous for his work with electricity and … Continue reading

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Tokujin Yoshika’s New Public Sculpture Glistens Outside Tokyo Station | Spoon & Tamago

SEPTEMBER 16, 2022 / JOHNNY all photos courtesy Tokujin Yoshioka Designer Tokujin Yoshioka has unveiled his latest work: a gigantic 10-meter sculpture made of over 2000 stainless steel mirrored rods that converge, as if crystallizing, into a luminous star. The … Continue reading

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Strategy vs tactics

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Building With Apartments Floating Over Water Like the Bow of a Ship | My Modern Met

By Kirsten Miller on September 26, 2022 Photo: Ossip Van Duivenbode Would you live in this apartment building? Large buildings can sometimes look like man-made mountains, concrete and steel structures taking us one step closer to the sky. Amsterdam‘s latest housing … Continue reading

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Timothy Snyder: The Making of Modern Ukraine. Class 6: The Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Class 6 continues the foundations of the Kyiv state at a time when Lithuania was much larger than most people think. Timothy Snyder is the Richard C. Levin Professor of History at Yale University and a permanent fellow at the … Continue reading

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Crow helps scared hedgehog cross the road

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The world’s first planetary defense test mission | Thomas Zurbuchen

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You wouldn’t believe what I went through to get my phone back! | Zach King

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By Zach King

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