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Why the volcanic eruption in Tonga was so violent, and what to expect next | The Conversation

Shane Cronin Professor of Earth Sciences, University of Auckland AAP/Japan Meteorology Agency The eruption is akin to a weapons-grade chemical explosion, and there could be several weeks or even years of major volcanic unrest to follow. The Kingdom of Tonga … Continue reading

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Piss off? Annoy? Shit on? Why Macron’s use of the French swear word ‘emmerder’ is so hard to translate | The Conversation

He said what? Frederic Legrand – COMEO/Shutterstock You can only properly translate French scatological swear words if you consider who is using them. In this case, the most powerful person in France. When French president Emmanuel Macron vowed to “emmerder” … Continue reading

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Zombie Fungus or Energy Mushroom? The Ultimate Guide To Cordyceps

Cordyceps is a powerful medicinal mushroom used for energy, endurance, immunity and more. Learn the most important types, how they grow (some grow on bugs!) and what this powerful medicinal mushroom can do for you. 0:00 Intro 0:38 What Is … Continue reading

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The Physics of Wile E. Coyote’s 10 Billion-Volt Electromagnet | Wired

RHETT ALLAIN. SCIENCE12.31.2021 09:00 The famous cartoon schemer has an ingenious plan to lure Bugs Bunny out of his hole—and it involves a giant magnet and an iron carrot. I LIKE TO analyze the physics of science fiction, and so … Continue reading

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Entropy: Origin of the Second Law of Thermodynamics

How did Clausius create entropy and why? I read his original papers to follow how possibly the most confusing concept in Classical Physics was created. My Patreon Page (thanks!): https://www.patreon.com/user?u=15291200 The music is from the awesome Kim Nalley of course … Continue reading

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First Law of Thermodynamics: History of the Concept of Energy

Where did the first law of thermodynamics come from? Why is energy called energy and what has that to do with heat? Where did the 1/2 in kinetic energy come from? Watch this video to find out the real people … Continue reading

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Émile Bernard: The Colorful Art of a French Post-Impressionist | My Modern Met

By Margherita Cole on January 12, 2022 Émile Bernard, “Self-Portrait with a Portrait of Gauguin,” 1888 How much do you know about Émile Bernard? After the airy paintings of Impressionism came a bolder, multi-faced art movement called Post-Impressionism, which focused … Continue reading

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This Ice-Man Knew About the Hoof Fungus – Do You?

The story of Otzi the iceman is super cool because he had two different types of fungi with him. If you don’t already know the hoof fungus / tinder fungus / false tinder fungus (Fomes fomentarius), then I encourage you … Continue reading

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The Hollywood Actress Who Helped Invent WiFi – The Lightbulb Moment

Actress Hedy Lamarr, deemed the world’s most beautiful woman, had an overlooked knack for inventing. During WWII, in an effort to help the Allies, she invented a technology designed to intercept Axis communications. This technology laid the groundwork for wireless … Continue reading

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Linoleum flooring is cool, actually

[…] f there were a floor covering Olympics, marble would probably get gold. Hardwood would get silver. Bronze would maybe go to tile — and linoleum wouldn’t even make the trials. Arguably the most maligned flooring there is, these days … Continue reading

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