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BBC Radio 3 – The Essay, New Generation Thinkers 2021, A Brazilian Soprano in Jazz-Age Paris

Adjoa Osei celebrates Elsie Houston, who mixed Afro-Brazilian folk with European opera. Xangô (the god of thunder) and Paso Ñañigo’, composed by the Cuban Moises Simons, were two of the numbers performed by Elsie Houston in the clubs of Paris … Continue reading

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How the Vikings Changed the English Language

About 600-900 common English words come from Old Norse that was the language of the Vikings. In this video we look at the history of the Vikings in Britain and how they influenced the English language. If English is not … Continue reading

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It All Starts With A Song | Story Corps

Everyone’s heard of James Brown and Stevie Wonder, but how about the women who helped make them who they are? For our last episode of this season, we’ll get to know the unsung icons behind some of the most iconic … Continue reading

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#Bologna #streetphotography

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Ukrainian Students Are Taking Grad Photos in Rubble Created by War | My Modern Met

By Jessica Stewart on June 20, 2022 “The main idea of this photoshoot is to save the history for these students.” Graduation is a special time of year for any student. It’s filled with what are supposed to be joyous … Continue reading

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In colonial America, abortion would have been considered a fairly common practice… | npr

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Potatoes: South America’s Gift to the World

Potatoes are a vegetable beloved by all. See how the potato emerged from obscurity into a vital food crop that feeds the world population and came to grace culinary traditions all over the world. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ancientamericas Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AncientAmericas ​ Sources … Continue reading

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How a Mass Extinction Event Created the Amazon

The Amazon rainforest of South America is a paradise for flowering plants. But long ago, the landscape that we now think of as the Amazon looked very different. And would you believe that the entire revolution of the Amazon began … Continue reading

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Why Paris Looks Weird

[…] This is a video on the urban planning behind Paris that was led by Haussmann. It describes him, Louis Napoleon, and his team’s strategy regarding roads, creating focal points like the Arc de Trimoph, overall architecture, green spaces, limestone, … Continue reading

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5 Animals that went EXTINCT but are now back in the UK!

In the past, for various reasons, animals have gone extinct in the UK. This video show five of them that have managed to find their way back into the countryside, through reintroductions, rewilding, accidental releases and some in ways that … Continue reading

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