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How Does the Power Grid Work?

The modern world depends on electricity. It’s a crucial resource, especially in urban areas, but electricity can’t be created, stored, and provided at a later time. The instant it’s produced, it’s used no matter how far apart the producer is … Continue reading

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An energy revolution is possible – but only if leaders get imaginative about how to fund it | The Conversation

Providing government subsidies for emerging clean technologies could unlock their transformative potential. Limiting climate change will require an unprecedented global movement to make low-carbon technologies the norm. COP26 – the UN climate conference held last November in Glasgow – showed … Continue reading

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Bold Proposal to Make Central Berlin a Mostly Car-Free Zone | Kottke

has put forward a proposal to turn all of central Berlin (an area larger than Manhattan) into a car-free zone. What would that mean in practice? Adele Peters at Fast Company explains: As in other cities, “car free” doesn’t literally … Continue reading

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The internet of everything – Our relationship with the internet| DW Documentary

Is humanity destined for a futuristic utopia? Or are we heading blindly towards life in a nightmarish surveillance state? Both scenarios still seem possible as increased digitalization is turning us into a fully networked society. The Internet is in the … Continue reading

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The people and problems you’ll encounter on Market Street… part 2! | the_manc

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Street Art | Irony

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Huge fossilised ‘sea dragon’ found in UK – BBC News

The fossilised remains of a 10m-long sea predator called an ichthyosaur were found at Rutland Water Nature Reserve, England, during landscaping work. It is the largest of its type ever discovered in the UK. Ichthyosaurs lived between 250 million and … Continue reading

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Tevennec lighthouse | inaamshaheen

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Managing Our Criminal Nature with Mary Roach – Inquiring Minds – Omny.fm

Who among us hasn’t, at some point, wondered just what exactly a bear manager or a danger tree feller blaster does? Well, Mary Roach, America’s funniest science writer, TED 20 Most Watched list member, and increasingly frequent guest on this … Continue reading

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Famous urangutan driving golf car.

Famous urangutan driving golf car.

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