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Set in Helsinki | Samba Sinestesia

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Reflorestal by Maria Nepomuceno | The Portico Library

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Stage Direction Carnival Camp

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Lush Tropical Plants Sprout from Brightly Colored Murals by Thiago Mazza

Poços de Caldas, Brazil, with the help of Drin Cortes In his brilliantly hued murals, Brazilian artist Thiago Mazza recreates the dense foliage and thick, fleshy petals he encounters in tropical forests and other verdant areas. Prickly thistles, striped leaves, and … Continue reading

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The Majority of Brazil Supports Bolsonaro’s Impeachment, Shows Datafolha – 12/07/2021 – Brazil – Folha

A survey shows that 54% supports congress opening the process, compared to 42% who reject this action against the president   Igor Gielow SÃO PAULO For the first time since Datafolha began to question Brazilians about the issue, in April … Continue reading

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Can Brazil Survive Bolsonaro? | The Economist

Since coming to power President Jair Bolsonaro has shaken democracy, accelerated deforestation in the Amazon and played down the danger of the coronavirus pandemic, with calamitous results. Could Brazil survive another four years of his leadership? Read the special report … Continue reading

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Sebastião Salgado: Genesis | Famous landscape photographers

Source: Sebastião Salgado: Genesis | Famous landscape photographers, Sebastiao salgado, Landscape photography

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BBC – BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Tectonics Festival, Manuel Pessoa de Lima – Skip Ad

Manuel Pessoa de Lima presents ‘Skip Ad.’ Manuel Pessoa de Lima Manuel Pessoa de Lima is a Brazilian performer-composer. He works with the colour red and is interested in the theme of failure and creates site-specific performances with confessional elements. … Continue reading

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Allusionist 134. Lacuna — The Allusionist

If you were in Brazil during the military dictatorship of 1964-1985, tried to bake a cake from a recipe in the newspaper, and were served with a sorry mess that tasted disgustingly salty, it wasn’t your fault. What you thought … Continue reading

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Dance saved my life! | manchester_samba_rainha

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