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How Brazilian SAMBA SCHOOLS became a Carnaval statement – The Brazilian Report

Behind all the glitter, there’s a lot of history. Brazil’s carnival would never have become as big of an event as it is today if it wasn’t for the creation of samba schools. These associations work all-year round preparing for … Continue reading

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What is the Black population in Brazil?

From samba to music and religion, African culture is everywhere in Brazil. The cultural heritage stems from the estimated millions of people who were brought to the country over a 300-year period, at least four times as many as to … Continue reading

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Zeca Pagodinho (@zecapagodinho) • Instagram reel

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The hidden cost of orange juice | DW Documentary

Brazil is the world’s top supplier of orange juice. But accusations abound of exploitation and poor working conditions for laborers. Are the claims true? “You work whatever the weather – sunshine, rain, cold, extreme heat. It’s physically exhausting. A sack … Continue reading

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From Terreiro to Pagode: The Samba Journey | Cecilia Keuffer-Sterk

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Mestre Parente (@mestre_parente) • Instagram video

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BBC Radio 3 – The Essay, New Generation Thinkers 2021, A Brazilian Soprano in Jazz-Age Paris

Adjoa Osei celebrates Elsie Houston, who mixed Afro-Brazilian folk with European opera. Xangô (the god of thunder) and Paso Ñañigo’, composed by the Cuban Moises Simons, were two of the numbers performed by Elsie Houston in the clubs of Paris … Continue reading

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Acadêmicos do Grande Rio! | tadeudoagogo

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Brasil, te quero tanto mas tenho medo. Te amo, te desejo, mas te odeio do fundo. Não enxergo o futuro maravilhoso que vejo com você. Com destroços e traumas você criou esse paraíso maldito. Eu já não sei se meu … Continue reading

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Viradouro  Ensaios Tecnicos 2022 | Samba e Paixão

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