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Jane Goodall on fires, floods, frugality and the good fight

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The nightmare future humanity avoided

The Montreal Protocol was designed to save the ozone layer, but it may have ended up saving the planet. Learn more about how the atmosphere absorbs radiation with Brilliant! https://www.brilliant.org/simonclark A new paper this year examined the “world avoided” via … Continue reading

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The secret society of the Great Dismal Swamp – Dan Sayers

Uncover the history of the hidden communities that inhabited the Great Dismal Swamp in North America. — Straddling Virginia and North Carolina is an area that was once described as the “most repulsive of American possessions.” By 1728, it was … Continue reading

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Brixton: Flames on the Frontline – Episode 3: Feel the Heat – BBC Sounds

Gangs of far right racist thugs are attacking immigrants on the streets and in their homes. Now they’re turning their attention to black power organisations and Brixton is in their sights – with terrifying consequences. And one man is on … Continue reading

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The End of Oil, Explained | FULL EPISODE | Vox + Netflix

Oil led to huge advancements — and vast inequities. […]

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The Amazing Hidden Liquid World That Lies Beneath Antarctica

[…] Sources: Whitehouse, David, Russia Abandons Ice Station Vostok, BBC News, March 4, 2003, http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/na… Vostok Station, http://www.aari.aq/stations/vostok/vo… Studinger, Michael, Subglacial Lake Facts, https://web.archive.org/web/201201021… Appeal to the Duma on Lake Vostok, Antarctica, The Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition, April 14, … Continue reading

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Texas Oil Country Has An Invisible Secret

In West Texas, vast quantities of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, are leaking into the atmosphere. Specialized cameras that can detect the invisible pollutant are helping to expose the problem. https://www.bloomberg.com/features/20… […]

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Did Brazil Find the Solution to Poverty?

In the 2000s, Brazil’s leftist leader Lula da Silva implemented an audacious program of poverty reduction. It was called Bolsa Família, “the family stipend,” and offered a guaranteed income to all poor families in Brazil. The program went totally contrary … Continue reading

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Hindenburg WAS NOT the DЕАDLIEST airship accident: Forgotten British Giant R.101

The crash of the British airship R101 is not as well known as the famous Zeppelin Hindenburg Disaster. Nonetheless, the R.101 disaster still remains the biggest tragedy in history among commercial airships. On October 4th, 1930, the giant airship R-101 … Continue reading

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Joe Manchin, America’s climate decider-in-chief, is a coal baron | Mark Hertsgaard

The pivotal Democratic senator owns millions of dollars in coal stocks. Shouldn’t he recuse himself from US climate negotiations?   Joe Manchin has never been this famous. People around the world now know that the West Virginia Democrat is the … Continue reading

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