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Vienna’s Radical Idea? Affordable Housing For All

As cities around the world grapple with a crisis of affordable housing, Vienna has been keeping it at bay. How the Austrian capital got there may offer a model strategy for cities worldwide.  

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Cllr Aydin Dikerdem Talks About Nine Elms’ “Sky Pool” and Inequality

The ‘Sky Pool’ in Nine Elms is architecture designed to go viral – but it’s also a symbol of the inequality in London, says Battersea Labour Councillor Aydin Dikerdem in this interview with Eleanor Shearwood of Riverside Radio

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Did the pandemic signal the end of the American era? | The Bottom Line

Canadian-American anthropologist Wade Davis holds a mirror up to the United States and sees a society in decline. Davis argues that the US dominated the world in the post-WWII era because Americans came out of the war with a sense … Continue reading

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Librarian Saved Thousands of Historical Manuscripts From Being Destroyed | My Modern Met

By Madeleine Muzdakis on September 12, 2021 Manuscripts at the Ahmed Baba Centre, Timbuktu, in 2013. (Photo: UNESCO via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO) A librarian named Abdel Kader Haidara secretly saved hundreds of thousands of manuscripts from being … Continue reading

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How Psychoactive Plants Changed the World | News on Drugs

A lot of us are coffee-drinking drug addicts that turn into zombies without a morning caffeine fix. But what is the difference between coffee and opium, especially when they both come from a plant? Author Michael Pollan tells us why … Continue reading

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Britain’s Secret Nuclear Plans (and Bunker): What Happens if the UK Gets Nuked? – TLDR News

[…] Every country has them, but hopes to never need them; nuclear plans. So in this video we dive into what would happen if Britain was hit by a nuclear weapon, the response, the secret bunker and the secret documents. … Continue reading

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What is Russia ashamed of? | Perm 36 GULAG prison camp

Lately Russian propaganda has been justifying the GULAG camps. On May 26, 2021 the largest news agency RIA Novosti published an article explaining that Stalin’s labor camps were not so terrible anymore, but on the contrary, Stalin’s camps were useful … Continue reading

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Street Art of Marielle Franco by Cajú Artsffiti in Recife, Brazil | Street Art Utopia

ByVidar on November 18, 2019   By Cajú Artsffiti in Rua Do Sossego, Recife, Brazil.In honor of Marielle Franco (Brazilian politician, feminist, and human rights activist) [who] was assassinated [March] 14, 2018. Source: Street Art of Marielle Franco by Cajú … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton’s Old Afghanistan Prediction Goes Viral

An old video of Hillary Clinton talking about the origins of the conflict in Afghanistan and predicting the future has gone viral in light of the recent collapse of the Afghan government. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The … Continue reading

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‘A Great British Spraycation’: New Works by Banksy Cheekily Interpret Summer Vacation

In what’s dubbed A Great British Spraycation, ten new artworks by Banksy (previously) recently popped up across coastal towns in England in witty interpretations of quintessential summertime fun. A short film posted to Instagram shows the anonymous artist driving around Norfolk … Continue reading

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