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International Week of Non-Self-Governing Territories 25-31 May | United Nations

Celebrations to mark Timor-Leste’s independence in 2002 were held in the capital Dili. | PHOTO:UN Photo / Sergey Bermeniev Non-self-governing territories: a sacred trust In the UN Charter, a Non-Self-Governing Territory is defined as a Territory “whose people have not yet … Continue reading

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Who made these circles in the Sahara?

[…] Deep in the Sahara, far from any towns, roads, or other signs of life, is a row of markings in the sand. There are dozens of them stretching for miles in a straight line in central Algeria, each consisting … Continue reading

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Conservatives think abortion rights should be left up to the states. Let’s take that argument a few steps further… | The Daily Show

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How Chile’s Socialists Won

Chile’s new president is a 36-year-old socialist, but that might just be the start of the country’s changes. More than 30 years after the end of the U.S.-backed dictatorship, Chile might soon have a brand new constitution, one that Chileans … Continue reading

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A New World order | VPRO Documentary

It is more urgent than ever for Europe to become self-sufficient in energy. This is accompanied by major power shifts, both within and outside the EU. What will the energy transition mean for geopolitical relations? Brussels wants to go green … Continue reading

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EU countries ‘caught between two extremes’ over press freedom | Euronews

A passer-by in front of a newspaper kiosk in December 2021 in Athens, Greece – Copyright ARIS MESSINIS/AFP “Polarisation to the west, war and propaganda to the east” is how Reporters Without Borders sums up the press freedom situation in … Continue reading

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How we could end child hunger by making different choices | Aeon Essays

A small child is weighed during a mother and baby clinic at Mbenje Health Centre, Malawi. Photo by Jenny Matthews/Panos Last year 200 million children did not get enough to eat, yet it would be cheap and easy for the … Continue reading

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McDonald’s $3.4 Billion IOU To Itself

[…] dmit it, we’ve all eaten at McDonald’s. Yes, their fries are delicious. You know what’s not delicious? The world’s biggest companies scamming the rest of us out of our hard-earned money by exploiting tax havens and obscene loopholes. In … Continue reading

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains the History of Earth Day

Where did Earth Day come from? On this explainer, Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic climate activist co-host Chuck Nice discuss the origins of Earth Day and when we started paying attention to environmental issues on our own planet. When was … Continue reading

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What Is Blaccent And Why Do People Keep Using It?

There’s a pattern of white and non-Black performers using “Black English” or “Blaccent” to gain notoriety. These performers are being called out (and canceled) for cultural appropriation, yet Blaccent is becoming more popular, with some people proclaiming Blaccent to be … Continue reading

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