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How the Vikings Changed the English Language

About 600-900 common English words come from Old Norse that was the language of the Vikings. In this video we look at the history of the Vikings in Britain and how they influenced the English language. If English is not … Continue reading

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Hold Tight (2018)

‘Hold Tight’ explores the importance of Carnival across the UK and how it’s celebrations provide an important lifeline to heritage and identity for younger generations of the Black Caribbean diaspora in Britain. It is a journey into the feeling of … Continue reading

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Largest Ancient Roman Mosaic in 50 Years Unearthed in London | My Modern Met

By Jessica Stewart on February 23, 2022 “This is a once-in-a-lifetime find in London…When the first flashes of color started to emerge through the soil, everyone on site was very excited.” The ancient Roman Empire extended all the way to … Continue reading

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BBC Radio 3 – Sunday Feature, Hidden Women and Silenced Scores

Leah Broad uncovers the sometimes shocking stories of three marginalised female composers. Source: BBC Radio 3 – Sunday Feature, Hidden Women and Silenced Scores

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What’s the difference between American and British English?

Start speaking a new language in 3 weeks with Babbel. Get 65% off your subscription here: https://bit.ly/babbel_sabine It isn’t difficult to tell British English from American English. But can you name the differences? Sure, some words are different, but that … Continue reading

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The Chimney Swift (Der Schornsteinsegler)

Animated Documentary, directed by Frédéric Schuld Qualified for the Oscars 2022 The famous New Year’s good luck symbol of a little chimney sweeper is turned upside down: In “The Chimney Swift” a real British sweeper master describes his everyday routine … Continue reading

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The Misery Line

Obviously these days the Northern Line is a big pile of fun, but for a long time it was known by a very different name.

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Rochester – Dickensian Christmas Festival Parade 2021 | Voted Best UK’s Christmas Day Out

Perhaps the best Christmas event in the UK – The Rochester Dickensian Christmas Festival 2021. The Festival was voted one of the UK’s Best Family-Friendly Christmas Days Out by The Times Newspaper. Held each year in Rochester, Kent, UK to … Continue reading

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The town where holding fireworks over your head is a tradition

Bridgwater Carnival, in Somerset, has a long tradition of squibbing: a huge procession of people holding fireworks right above their heads. This year, I got the chance to be one of the squibbers. Thanks to all the Bridgwater Carnival team: … Continue reading

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