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COLDSTEEL Drummers (@coldsteeldrummers) • Instagram reel

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Samarkand bread from Uzbekistan…

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Woman Born in 1878 Talks About Her Childhood in Los Angeles, California in the 1880s

0:00 Introduction 1:35 Rowena (Belle’s Niece) Speaking 2:25 Belle Buford Thom Collins Speaking This is Belle Buford Thom Collins, born in 1878, speaking about her childhood in 1880s Los Angeles. Her father, Cameron E. Thom, was the Mayor of Los … Continue reading

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A real history of Aboriginal Australians, the first agriculturalists | Bruce Pascoe | TEDxSydney

Indigenous writer and anthologist Bruce Pascoe draws on first-hand accounts from colonial journals to dispel the myth that Aboriginal people were hunters and gatherers and “did nothing with the land that resembled agriculture”. In this powerful talk, Pascoe demonstrates a … Continue reading

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65,000 yrs – the great history of Australian Aboriginal Astronomy | Kirsten Banks | TEDxYouth@Sydney

Emus can’t fly, but there’s an Emu in the sky. People have been looking up to the stars for a long time, but for how long? Explore a different perspective of the night sky and learn about the great history … Continue reading

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How indigenous food connects us to country and culture | Paul Iskov | TEDxPerth

Chef Paul Iskov knows food is more than a fuel for the belly: It’s a way to remind us to celebrate our culture and break down social barriers. Paul Iskov has worked in the world’s most acclaimed kitchens from Coi … Continue reading

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We could lose the oldest culture on our planet | Amy Toensing | TEDxCarnegieLake

When the pyramids were being built, the Aboriginal culture in Australia was already running for 55,000 years. In this talk, Amy Toensing shares the difference in life of Aboriginal Australians before and after colonization. She sheds light on years of … Continue reading

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When “Lake Shore Drive” doesn’t fit…

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Are Native Americans From China Or….?

What do you think about this?! SOURCES BELOW: https://www.scmp.com/news/china/scien… https://www.newsweek.com/south-china-… https://www.yahoo.com/video/native-am… Hot Pot Boys Podcast Playlist: • Podcast (Hot Pot … Subscribe Here! http://bit.ly/FungBrosSub Check out my top videos! http://bit.ly/FungBrosTopVideos […]

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Can this Swedish tradition make you happier at work? – BBC News

In Sweden, a coffee break is more than just a quick hit of caffeine. Known as a ‘fika’, the Swedish coffee break is a longstanding tradition – a time to slow down and enjoy the company of others over a … Continue reading

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