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Coffee and avocados? How Sicily is turning tropical amid climate change

Climate change is prompting fruit farmers to diversify and coffee roasters to start considering areas beyond the so-called bean belt to source their raw material. In Sicily, Morettino, a forward-looking family-run roastery, has already started growing coffee plants in Palermo, … Continue reading

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Inside the Global Fight to Save Coffee

Humanity consumes a half-trillion cups of coffee every year, yet coffee production is one of the most antiquated industries within agriculture. Now the livelihoods of 125 million people working in coffee are at risk as the crop struggles to cope … Continue reading

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Genetic Selection is Happening Already. Here’s How it Works.

[…] Just what genes you pass on to your baby has so far been mostly up to chance, but this is no longer the case. We now have the possibility to choose what traits our children will inherit. In this … Continue reading

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Humans and wild apes share common sign language, study finds – BBC News

Humans share common sign language with wild apes, a study has found. The research revealed that humans are capable of understanding many of the gestures wild chimps and bonobos use to communicate with one another. The video-based study was carried … Continue reading

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How a fine HORNSKOV custom hat of the highest quality is handmade from start to finish.

To place a custom order visit: https://hornskovhats.com To order a hat just like the one in the video visit: https://hornskovhats.com/products/del…

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Riding on a winter only small local stove train in the extremely cold snowy country

#alonetravel #travelvlog #Japan ⭐️Stove train Railways operated by Japanese private railway company (Tsugaru Railway). This small local train runs from Tsugaru Goshogawara Station to Tsugaru Nakasato in Aomori Prefecture. There are two stoves in the train and you can enjoy … Continue reading

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All of Us Skin Tone Crayons Reflect the Planet’s Diversity with Eight Different Pigments | Colossal

JANUARY 10, 2023. GRACE EBERT All images © All of Us All of Us crayons are made in three shapes and eight different pigments to accurately reflect a variety of skin tones. How can you accurately draw the human population … Continue reading

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Coffee: The future of coffee growing and production | DW Documentary

Coffee production is no longer what it was thanks to innovative growers and brave farmers. Coffee can now be grown using methods that promote biodiversity in fields, plantations and forests, while also ensuring that farmers earn more. David Benitez is … Continue reading

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50 Years Ago, We Discovered the Earth Through the ‘Blue Marble’ | My Modern Met

By Madyson DeJausserand on January 7, 2023 mage: NASA The crew of Apollo 17 captured a sight that forever changed the way we understand our planet. On December 7, 1972, the Apollo 17 team, made up of Eugene “Gene” Cernan, … Continue reading

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“The Red List”: Biodiversity loss and food – Unearthed – Journeys Into The Future of Food

Advolly Richmond is exploring how food production methods and climate change today are exacerbating issues of biodiversity loss. As conditions change and human activity intervenes with environments, entire ecosystems are thrown out of balance, and the consequences for species are … Continue reading

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