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HÔTEL NUIT NOIRE – Animation Short Film 2022 – GOBELINS

What if it were possible to meet one another in our sleep? One night, three strangers find themselves in a Hotel of dreams. They must navigate this strange world together before dawn. . Et s’il était possible de se retrouver … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Us

When you are in a long-term relationship, you sometimes feel you are no longer an individual but a part of a super-organism. Between your daily routine, the decisions you make, the music you hear and the air you breathe – … Continue reading

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Going Up | New Beginnings in Love

“The door slid aside, and there she stood — the prettiest girl I had ever seen.” In the time it took Paul Wilson to ride the elevator up 10 floors to his office, he knew he had met someone special … Continue reading

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The Astonishing Biodiversity of Fungi Blooms in Max Mudie’s Macro Photographs | Colossal

FEBRUARY 2, 2023. KATE MOTHES All images © Max Mudie Max Mudie’s foraging expeditions reveal the otherworldly elegance, diversity, and minutiae of the myriad denizens of the “wood wide web.” “I’m not the first person to say it, and I’m … Continue reading

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When Elephants Got Weird

This extinct elephant relative had the entire garden shed on its face. This is the Platybelodon. [..]

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Quaternions are Amazing and so is William Rowan Hamilton!

Quaternions are amazing, they made modern vector mathematics. But how were they created and how do they work? In order to explain all that I am providing both a fun biography of Hamilton AND a biography of quaternions and the … Continue reading

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BBC Radio 4 – Ramblings, The Hills are Alive! Commoners Choir in Calderdale

Boff Whalley and Commoners Choir take Clare for a hike and a sing in Calderdale. Boff Whalley is best known for Tubthumping with the band Chumbawamba but now he’s a core member of the Leeds based Commoners Choir which he … Continue reading

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Cheetahs don’t roar…

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 The Life Scientific, Clifford Johnson on making sense of black holes and movie plots | BBC Radio 4

Clifford Johnson’s career to date has spanned some seemingly very different industries – from exploring quantum mechanics around string theory and black holes, to consulting on some of Hollywood’s biggest movies; but it makes sense once you understand his ambition … Continue reading

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When a Turtle Dies, Something Comes Out of It


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