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TedEd – How do you know you’re not dreaming?

izarre things happen in dreams: you fly, or conjure an all-you-can-eat buffet out of thin air, or get chased by witches through the halls of your school. But the strange things that happen in dreams don’t seem strange at the … Continue reading

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Garments of Grass and Flowers by Jeanne Simmons Fuse Bodies to the Landscape | Colossal

MAY 18, 2022. GRACE EBERT “Grass Cocoon” (2018). All images © Jeanne Simmons “When we spend a lot of time in a place, and if we are paying attention, a kind of intimacy develops,” says Jeanne Simmons. The artist, who’s based … Continue reading

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Um casal adotou um cachorro surdo… | terrabrasil

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Can Life Really Be Explained By Physics? (featuring Prof. Brian Cox)

[…] I recently got to sit down with physicist and science communicator extraordinaire Prof. Brian Cox. Did we talk about black holes, the Big Bang, or alien worlds? Nope! We talked about biology. Specifically, what is “life” and how did … Continue reading

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Learning about mindfulness from emperor penguins | The Kid Should See This

“Penguins are some of the most improbable animals on the planet,” explains science writer Carl Zimmer in 2005. “They have wings and feathers but cannot fly. They are not fish, but they have been recorded as deep as 1,755 feet … Continue reading

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Milla Jovovich Tells the Story Behind ‘The Fifth Element’ Costume | Vogue

25 years after the release of the film “The Fifth Element,” Milla Jovovich talks about her iconic Jean Paul Gaultier-designed costume and how playing the character of Leeloo immeasurably changed her life. Director: Alexandra Gavillet Director Of Photography: Tamara Santos … Continue reading

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A tender poem doubles as a guide to sitting comfortably in one’s own company | Aeon Videos

‘You are such an interesting conversation.’ Pádraig Ó Tuama’s tender poem is a guide to being comfortable in one’s own company There is a you telling you another story of you. Listen to her. The Irish writer and theologian Pádraig … Continue reading

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Nigerian Artist “Draws” Hyperrealistic Portraits by Burning Wood | My Modern Met

By Margherita Cole on May 13, 2022 “These artworks are created to lend voice to all who lack the power to speak in the public domain about sensitive issues that affect humanity.” Nigerian artist Alex Peter Idoko creates exquisite drawings … Continue reading

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Street Art | Sam

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6 Lonely Branches on the Tree of Life

You can find the poster featured in this episode in the SciShow store on DFTBA: https://store.dftba.com/collections/s… When there’s only one species on an evolutionary branch, we call it a monospecific taxon. Studying these special species can help us better understand … Continue reading

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