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The Exhausted Subject of a Newly Attributed Van Gogh Sketch Embodies All of Us Right Now | Colossal

SEPTEMBER 21, 2021. GRACE EBERT “Study for ‘Worn Out,’” around November 24, 1882, pencil on paper, 48.8 x approximately 30 centimeters. Courtesy of Van Gogh Museum Hunched over with his face hidden in his palms, the weary subject of a … Continue reading

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Walk with Amal | Napoli

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Why The World Left Ethiopia 7 Years Behind

What if I told you that you could actually go back in time, not just a mere leap of a second that Einstein proved you could, but a massively unimaginable seven years and eight months all the way back to … Continue reading

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Vladivostok, the capital of the Russian Far East | Chinese quarter, Japanese cars & Russian samovars

Hi guys! In this video I will show you Vladivostok, the capital of Russia’s Far East. That day in July, when I filmed this video, was the Russian Navy Day. It’s a very important holiday here because Vladivostok is the … Continue reading

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How we see photons: Phototransduction

Vision begins when a special molecule absorbs a photon, and our eyes are sensitive enough to allow us to detect changes to individual molecules in a cell. This requires amplification of a tiny signal to produce an electrical response large … Continue reading

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Mother Trees and the Social Forest | Suzanne Simard (Talk + Q&A)

Forest Ecologist Suzanne Simard reveals that trees are part of a complex, interdependent circle of life; that forests are social, cooperative creatures connected through underground mycorrhizal networks by which trees communicate their vitality and vulnerabilities, and share and exchange resources … Continue reading

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HPBD Mr PC | Steve Berry Basiccally

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BABA – a stylized portrait of a Turkish immigrant

Director: Sarah Blok Design: Lisa Konno Produced by: Boondocs Distribution: Kapitein Kort (Hidde de Vries) hiddedevries.com/en/

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Germán Santillán: A taste of Mexico’s ancient chocolate-making tradition | TED

[…] Dating back more than 800 years, chocolate is deeply woven into the Indigenous history of Oaxaca, Mexico. TED Fellow Germán Santillán talks about his work reviving the Mixtec technique used to prepare this ancient delicacy by training a new … Continue reading

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When nature meets Spray Paint | Street Art Utopia

VIDAR | SEPTEMBER 19, 2021 Tree Fox By Syd from The Stencil Shed in Malmesbury, UK. Syd: I planned to paint this as a wolf. Bizarrely when I made my way through the woods to get to this tree I … Continue reading

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