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Art: aysyluuu | Music: Mina Okabe•Every Second

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Between Wounds and Folds: Suspended Cow Carcasses and Tree Stumps Reveal Layers of Discarded Fabric by Tamara Kostianovsky

OCTOBER 11, 2021. CHRISTOPHER JOBSON Photo © J.C. Cancedda Working with the tattered remnants of consumer culture, artist Tamara Kostianovsky(previously) asks us to question the origins, process, and disastrous results of our seemingly unquenchable desire to buy and waste. Four … Continue reading

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Yuta Okuda Combines Blotches of Paint with Delicate Lines to Create Colorful Bouquets | Spoon & Tamago

OCTOBER 8, 2021 / JOHNNY all images courtesy the artist From afar, Yuta Okuda‘s artwork can resemble pressed flowers. But come closer and the blossoming bouquets reveal themselves to be something much more complex with an ambiguity that shifts between … Continue reading

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Masai Woman Builds Beautiful Off-Grid Homestead in the African Bush

Selina Nkoile is a Masai Woman who has built a beautiful off-grid homestead together with her husband Brian near the Masai Mara in Kenya. A passionate Masai girls’ education campaigner and gender rights activist, Selina has created a unique 2.5 … Continue reading

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Tufts of Printed Fabric Form Colorful Mixed-Media Portraits by Marcellina Oseghale Akpojotor | Colossal

OCTOBER 12, 2021. GRACE EBERT “Eyes on the Gold IV” (2018), 5 x 4 feet. All images courtesy of Rele Gallery Using scraps of vibrant Ankara fabric, Lagos-based artist Marcellina Oseghale Akpojotorfashions intimate portraits that consider the fragmented and varied inner … Continue reading

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“Physics, Activism, and Leadership w/ Walter E. Massey” by Cara Santa Maria

Listen to “Physics, Activism, and Leadership w/ Walter E. Massey” by Cara Santa Maria via #spreaker In this episode of Talk Nerdy, Cara is joined by physicist Dr. Walter E. Massey to talk about his long and distinguished career as … Continue reading

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Inside Your DNA

Click looks at our DNA and how new scientific techniques may help improve our health and even solve decades old crimes. […]

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Can Small-Scale Farming Feed the World?

Can small-scale farming feed the world and stop climate change? Get access to extended, ad-free OCC content with CuriosityStream AND Nebula for $14.79 per year (26% off for a limited time only!) https://curiositystream.com/occ In this Our Changing Climate climate change … Continue reading

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The genes you don’t get from your parents (but can’t live without) – Devin Shuman

Dig into the essential role that mitochondrial DNA played in the evolution of living things on Earth, and find out why it’s still evolving. — Inside our cells, each of us has a second set of genes completely separate from … Continue reading

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The secret society of the Great Dismal Swamp – Dan Sayers

Uncover the history of the hidden communities that inhabited the Great Dismal Swamp in North America. — Straddling Virginia and North Carolina is an area that was once described as the “most repulsive of American possessions.” By 1728, it was … Continue reading

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