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Minimal Portraits by Luke Stephenson Frame the Elegant Plumage of Show Birds | Colossal

JUNE 24, 2022. GRACE EBERT Spereo Starling (2019). All images © Luke Stephenson For the better part of a decade, U.K.-born, Stockholm-based photographer Luke Stephenson has been fascinated by show birds, their impeccably groomed feathers, and undeniably unique personalities. Whether centering … Continue reading

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Tram views in Manchester | Julia Hatmaker

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#Bologna #streetphotography

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The crack where the light gets in | Sook Gardiner

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Astrophotographer Captures the Andromeda Galaxy From Backyard | My Modern Met

By Jessica Stewart on June 11, 2022 Here’s what photographer Brennan Gilmore saw from his backyard in Charlottesville, Virginia. In the summer of 2020, the world was enthralled with the Comet Neowise, which only makes an appearance every 6,800 years. … Continue reading

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In ‘Seed Stories,’ Photographer Thierry Ardouin Unveils the Stunning Diversity of Plants | Colossal

JUNE 8, 2022. GRACE EBERT Proteaceae, Banksia grandis Willd., bull banksia. All images © Thierry Ardouin/Tendance Floue/MNHN The basis of life for many species, seeds hold immense power for reproduction and population. Whether a descendent of the first specimens that appeared … Continue reading

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Wow! 🤯👏🏽 🔄 @hollyrpeete 📷 @rafaellvital & @uru_fly

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Blooms Exude Presence and Personality in Bold Cyanotypes by Rosalind Hobley | Colossal

JUNE 2, 2022.    KATE MOTHES All images © Rosalind Hobley In London-based artist Rosalind Hobley’s expressive cyanotypes, flowers assume a portrait-like quality through varied textures and supple shapes. In her Still Life series, a cast of dahlias, anemones, roses, … Continue reading

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Vivienne Restwood, or Viv for short | lucy_lapwing

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Photo of the Day | World Press Photo

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