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Why giant turbines are pushing the limits of possibility

By Chris Baraniuk Technology of Business reporter Huge wind turbines are pushing the limits of what ports and installation vessels can handle. Next year, Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas will put up a gargantuan prototype – a 15-megawatt (MW) wind … Continue reading

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I Can’t Believe ADELE Did This Again!

In this episode we take a look at and analyze Adele’s first new single in over 5 years, “Easy On Me”.

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Circular Vaults Embedded within a Prague Embankment Contain Shops, Cafes, and Public Spaces | Colossal

OCTOBER 18, 2021. GRACE EBERT All images courtesy of Brainkworks New cafes, galleries, and studios are popping up along the Vltava River in Prague, although they’re not immediately visible from atop the embankment. Tucked inside former storage units embedded within the … Continue reading

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Where will you be able to live in 20 years? – Carol Farbotko and Ingrid Boas

Explore how coastal communities are impacted by climate change and how they’re adapting to rising sea levels and extreme weather. — Humanity has always adapted to changing weather and moved to regions that best support cultural lifestyles and livelihoods. However, … Continue reading

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The Complicated Lives of Mountains | Compilation

It’s easy to discount the history and evolution of mountains on our jagged world, but they really hold an immense amount of information about history within them. From mountain ranges in space, to why Earth isn’t a waterworld, here are … Continue reading

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Step Inside a Secret Library Apartment | Atlas Obscura

This is one of the New York Public Library’s last secret apartments. When these libraries were built, about a century ago, they needed people to take care of them. Andrew Carnegie had given New York $5.2 million, worth well over … Continue reading

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12,000 Sheets of Wrinkled Rice Paper Drape Around a Monumental Installation by Zhu Jinshi | Colossal

OCTOBER 15, 2021. GRACE EBERT “Boat” (2015), Xuan (rice) paper, bamboo, cotton threads, 18 x 7 meters. All images courtesy of the artist and Pearl Lam Galleries   More than 12,000 sheets of delicate Xuan paper form the ruffled exterior of … Continue reading

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Why so many new buildings are covered in rectangles

[…] If you’ve seen new construction around your city, you’ve probably seen these distinctive rectangular panels. Sometimes plain, sometimes multi-colored, they’re absolutely everywhere. The video above explains how they conceal an entire system that helps protect buildings. Over the 20th … Continue reading

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An Exhibition of 50 Piñatas Explores the Cultural Significance of the Festive Object

OCTOBER 14, 2021. GRACE EBERT Installation view of Roberto Benavidez’s sculptures (front) and Isaias Rodriguez, “resilience” (2021) (back). Photo by Madison Metro, Craft in America. All images courtesy of Craft in America   A ubiquitous decoration at birthdays and family … Continue reading

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Enjoy a Socially Distanced Dinner Inside Chochin Lanterns at Hoshinoya Tokyo | Spoon & Tamago

OCTOBER 13, 2021 / JOHNNY Last week, the rejoicement and excitement in Tokyo was palpable as major restrictions were lifted, allowing restaurants and bars to reopen. But just because the State of Emergency was over, doesn’t mean we’re out of … Continue reading

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