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What’s Going On with China’s Equivalent of SLS?

In this episode, we dive into the many proposal for the architecture of the Long March 9, which has been creating confusion for many. With this video, we clarify it all and discuss the possibilities of seeing 2 different Long … Continue reading

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Secrets of Cymatics

“Secrets of Cymatics” is an inspirational presentation by acoustic-physics researcher, John Stuart Reid, filmed at the Water Conference, Sofia, Bulgaria, October 2016, on the physics, chemistry and biology of water. The title of the talk was originally “The Holographic Properties … Continue reading

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I Wear A Corset On A Daily Basis. Here’s What I’ve Learned.

Bit wary of hearing strangers’ comments on my underwear. I’m gonna leave them on for now, but please just be extra kind and thoughtful when leaving a comment. […]

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Is “R” a Vowel? | Otherwords

We all know that the vowels are A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y… But the way linguists define vowels may mean R qualifies as well! Otherwords is a PBS web series on Storied that digs deep into this … Continue reading

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Answering White People’s Questions About Slavery: The London History Show

Oop, I’m afraid I’ve had to shut off comments on this one- I can’t be seeing white supremacists every time I open my channel page. Thanks for understanding! I’m a tour guide in London. If you’d like to get in … Continue reading

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Stunning Posters Illustrate the History of Jazz and Hip-Hop | My Modern Met

By Margherita Cole on February 23, 2023 Jazz Love Blueprint: A History of Jazz Music (Dorothy | $40.18) It’s hard to capture the history of an entire music genre, but Dorothy finds a way to do it in style. It’s … Continue reading

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What does Old English sound like? [Shorts]

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Nahre Sol (@nahresol) • Instagram reel

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Thoth’s Pill – an Animated History of Writing

My animation takes you through the birth and evolution of writing. Watch the story of the world’s scripts unfold, from the early cave days to modern writing systems. But only if you choose to take Thoth’s Pill… This animated documentary … Continue reading

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Are Black Holes the Source of Dark Energy? – EXPLAINED

Earlier this week, a physicists claimed they had proven a link between mysterious “dark energy” that is accelerating the expansion of the universe and supermassive black holes at the hearts of galaxies. 0:00 Do Black Holes Create Dark Energy? 0:46 … Continue reading

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