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How NASA Reinvented the Rocket Engine

[…] Credits: Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus Writer: Josi Gold Editor: Dylan Hennessy Animator: Mike Ridolfi Animator: Eli Prenten Sound: Graham Haerther Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster References: [1] “Increasing engine efficiency,” Aerospace America, Apr. 30, 2018. . https://aerospaceamerica.aiaa.org/dep… [2] “Falcon 9 – SpaceFlight … Continue reading

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Einstein’s final work is STILL unfinished. Here’s what it means.

[…] This is Einstein’s final contribution to physics… and unfortunately it was left unfinished. Also, a huge thanks to @ChrisPattisonCosmo for working with me on this video. You need to go check out his channel now if you haven’t seen … Continue reading

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As a pianist strikes a chord, visualisations of his notes appear in real time | Aeon Videos

Watch as a computer code visualises, in real time, the ratios embedded in a virtuoso musician’s improvisations on the piano A skilled musician and coder, the French American pianist Dan Tepfer builds computer programmes that interact with his improvised compositions … Continue reading

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Breakthrough In Dark Energy? Here’s What The Researchers Have To Say

A recent research paper suggests that supermassive black holes can be the source of dark energy. It’s a big potential breakthrough in Astronomy. So, here’s what the co-author of the study, Dr Chris Pearson from STFC RAL Space, has to … Continue reading

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So, space isn’t a 4D Pringle… Maybe a donut?

pace might be infinite, it might wrap around, and it might even spit you out as your own mirror image. Now that we know the curvature of the Universe, let’s try to figure out it’s topology. This video is Part … Continue reading

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Quantum Gravity theory with professor Erik Verlinde

Gravity theory with professor Erik Verlinde Credit @Erik Verlinde

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The True Meaning of Schrödinger’s Equation

Schrödinger’s equation governs the behavior of tiny quantum particles by treating them as wave functions. But is Schrödinger’s equation actually a wave equation? Maybe not. Check out Arvin Ash’s video: ________________________________ VIDEO ANNOTATIONS/CARDS Heat Flow with a Thermal Camera: Atomic … Continue reading

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Quaternions are Amazing and so is William Rowan Hamilton!

Quaternions are amazing, they made modern vector mathematics. But how were they created and how do they work? In order to explain all that I am providing both a fun biography of Hamilton AND a biography of quaternions and the … Continue reading

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Geometric Primes| Kottke

Nicholas Rougeux designed a series of posters to visualize all 143 prime numbers with three digits based on simple rules. Each print contains all 143 prime numbers with 3 digits. Each is represented by an image composed of simple geometric … Continue reading

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Mysterious numbers: unlocking the secrets of the Universe – with Tony Padilla

Join leading theoretical physicist and YouTube star Tony Padilla as he explores the most extraordinary numbers in physics, and how they explain fundamental truths of the universe. Watch the Q&A here: https://youtu.be/dhT_vl3epgY Tony’s book “Fantastic Numbers and Where to Find … Continue reading

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