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From Terreiro to Pagode: The Samba Journey | Cecilia Keuffer-Sterk

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Escola de Tamborim Thalita Santos (@escoladetamborim) • Instagram reel

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Sou Meninos do Morumbi

Meninos do Morumbi’s DVD, “Sou Meninos do Morumbi” (I Am Meninos do Morumbi). The DVD features interviews with the kids and live concert footage filmed in Sao Paulo at the Auditório do Ibirapuera theater. The DVD was directed by the … Continue reading

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Pra Gente Acordar – O Filme

*TURN CC ON FOR ENGLISH SUBTITLES ____________ Branded “The Land of All Saints”, Salvador, Bahia is a place where sports, religion and love are intertwined on a daily basis. During the World Cup 2002, two friends spend their last moments … Continue reading

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Joyce performing Feminina solo in 1989 | Farout Recordings

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Pet Tortoise Missing for 30 Years Is Found Alive and Well in the Attic | My Modern Met

By Larisa Crowder on June 2, 2022 Photo: lifeonwhite/Depositphotos He sure took his time to rejoin the family. As any pet owner would know, losing a beloved animal can be hard, but it can be especially difficult to cope with … Continue reading

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Roda de Samba Zabumba – Upa neguinho

Roda de Samba Zabumba Tous les premiers dimanches du mois à L’Alimentation Générale 64 rue Jean-pierre Timbaud 75011 Paris Upa neguinho (Edu Lobo) Merci à Vincent Défossé pour les belles images http://www.zabumba.org https://www.facebook.com/zabumbaparis/

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Acadêmicos do Grande Rio! | tadeudoagogo

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Brasil, te quero tanto mas tenho medo. Te amo, te desejo, mas te odeio do fundo. Não enxergo o futuro maravilhoso que vejo com você. Com destroços e traumas você criou esse paraíso maldito. Eu já não sei se meu … Continue reading

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Viradouro  Ensaios Tecnicos 2022 | Samba e Paixão

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