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TikTok Shows Motorcyclist Befriending Thirsty Armadillo on Highway | My Modern Met

By Emma Taggart on October 18, 2021 This little armadillo was grateful he shared his water. Armadillos are strange yet wonderful creatures. The species is named after a Spanish word meaning “little armored one” which is apt considering armadillos are … Continue reading

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GC’s DJ Road Show – Beco’s Brazil

When it comes to popular music, it’s hard to top Brazil for variety, excellence and sheer volume. On this program, Georges Collinet welcomes co-host Béco Dranoff in Brazil. Béco is a producer, broadcaster and lifelong connoisseur of Brazilian music. He … Continue reading

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SAMBA DE COCO – Instrumentos

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Artist In Brazil Goes Viral After Using Trees As ‘Hair’ For His Women’s Portraits | Bored Panda

Urbanism and nature seem like contradictory things, but this is not always the case. Urbanism and nature seem like contradictory things, but this is not always the case. Sometimes if one’s imagination can allow, the two can be combined just … Continue reading

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The Majority of Brazil Supports Bolsonaro’s Impeachment, Shows Datafolha – 12/07/2021 – Brazil – Folha

A survey shows that 54% supports congress opening the process, compared to 42% who reject this action against the president   Igor Gielow SÃO PAULO For the first time since Datafolha began to question Brazilians about the issue, in April … Continue reading

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Allusionist 134. Lacuna — The Allusionist

If you were in Brazil during the military dictatorship of 1964-1985, tried to bake a cake from a recipe in the newspaper, and were served with a sorry mess that tasted disgustingly salty, it wasn’t your fault. What you thought … Continue reading

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Bolsonaro says stop ‘whining’ as Brazil Covid daily deaths reach record highs

Scientists are increasingly worried that the second wave of coronavirus ripping through Brazil could endanger the rest of the world. (Subscribe: https://bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe​) The number of daily deaths has already reached record highs, while the health system is threatened with collapse. … Continue reading

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How the Favelas shaped Samba and Carnival in Brazil

In the city of Rio De Janeiro, around 23-24% of the population live in the Favelas and within these makeshift neighbourhoods, is where the origins of Samba lies. Despite the dangerous environment it somehow gave the country of Brazil it’s … Continue reading

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Tent of Miracles, by Jorge Amado: Racism and Parochialism Against the Backdrop of a Mythic Bahia

Jorge Amado (1912-2001), one of the most popular and internationally known Brazilian authors,started his career writing realistic books that carried a biting criticism of the economic elites and their exploitation of the working classes and the poor. This Marxist phase … Continue reading

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The indigenous tribes fighting the curse of xawara in Brazil | Independent

Ehuana Yaira at the meeting of the Yanomami and Yek’wana leaders (Victor Moriyama/ISA) Illegal mining in Brazil not only devastates the environment, it also threatens the existence of the country’s last major isolated indigenous community through the spread of coronavirus. Emily … Continue reading

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