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Searching For The Perfect Wok

The Path To Fried Rice : Ep 3. I just need a wok and a stirring thing (Easier said than done) SquareSpace : 10% off your 1st order using http://www.squarespace.com/frenchguy Cantonese woks have two handles made out of metal. Northern … Continue reading

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China‘s BIGGEST traditional communal home for more than 600 people – Fujian Hakka Tulou | EP8, S2

I’ve made my trip to China’s biggest traditional communal home – Fujian Tulou! Tulou is the family home of Mulan people, and also the traditional home of Hakka people, housing up to 800 people! Luckily, I have met a very … Continue reading

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Discovering the forgotten Chinatown under Wembley Football Stadium

100 years ago, a small slice of Hong Kong was recreated next to Wembley Football Stadium in London, for the amusement of the British public. For two years, visitors travelled to the model street to sample Chinese food, purchase novelty … Continue reading

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British Museum’s Rarest Chinese Artefact

Delve into the story behind the British Museum’s rarest Chinese artefact – The Admonitions of the Instructress to the Court Ladies. This silk handscroll painting is one of the most important Chinese works of art, and was revered by successive … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Year of the Tiger (English) | Insider Insights

Explore the exhibition Celebrating the Year of the Tiger with Jason Sun, Brooke Russell Astor Curator of Chinese Art, discover depictions of tigers in The Met collection, and learn about their significance. Please note: This program is prerecorded. Watch this … Continue reading

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Chinese New Year: Unraveling the History of the Enchanting Festival

By Kelly Richman-Abdou on January 31, 2022 Photo: Stock Photos from asharkyu/Shutterstock   How much do you know about Chinese New Year?   Happy Chinese New Year! Every February, this enchanting holiday is honored by millions of people across the … Continue reading

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Louis Vuitton Entwines Its New Chinese Flagship Store With A Giant Tiger Tail – DesignTAXI.com

By Mikelle Leow, 31 Jan 2022 Video screenshot via Louis Vuitton China The shy yet friendly guest wraps its tail around the maison, Louis Vuitton’s third in mainland China. Crawling into the Lunar New Year on a prosperous note, Louis … Continue reading

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Impasto Layers Blur Portraits and Landscapes in Li Songsong’s Fragmented Oil Paintings

NOVEMBER 11, 2021. GRACE EBERT “I Am What I Am” (2020), 120 x 100 centimeters. All images © Li Songsong, Chinese artist Li Songsong (previously) obscures portraits and wider landscapes with thick dabs of oil paint. His textured, impasto works … Continue reading

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Why 94% of China Lives East of This Line


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Ganluyan temple • 1146 AD | Pinterest

Jun 29, 2021 – This Pin was created by Mari on Pinterest. Ganluyan temple • 1146 AD.. Source: Ganluyan temple • 1146 AD | Pinterest

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