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Impasto Layers Blur Portraits and Landscapes in Li Songsong’s Fragmented Oil Paintings

NOVEMBER 11, 2021. GRACE EBERT “I Am What I Am” (2020), 120 x 100 centimeters. All images © Li Songsong, Chinese artist Li Songsong (previously) obscures portraits and wider landscapes with thick dabs of oil paint. His textured, impasto works … Continue reading

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Why 94% of China Lives East of This Line


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Ganluyan temple • 1146 AD | Pinterest

Jun 29, 2021 – This Pin was created by Mari on Pinterest. Ganluyan temple • 1146 AD.. Source: Ganluyan temple • 1146 AD | Pinterest

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HOW ON EARTH did China succeed in landing Zhurong rover on Mars? Review of CNSA deep space missions

As the first Mars rover probe launched by China, Tianwen-1 Zhurong rover has completed the three major technical steps of Mars exploration at one time. The three steps are Orbiting, landing, and patrolling, which are, entering Mars orbit, landing on … Continue reading

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Sound Waves from Contemporary Music Become Traditional Chinese Landscapes in Du Kun’s Scroll Paintings

Detail of “登楼 / Going Upstairs” (2021), scroll, ink and color on silk, 50 × 600 centimeters (painting), 51 × 836 centimeters (scroll), 62 × 11 × 12 centimeters (camphor wood box) “Playing music is my only hobby,” says artist Du … Continue reading

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China is officially malaria-free, says WHO

Lucas Niewenhuis               Published June 30, 2021   China was certified today by the World Health Organization as officially free of malaria, joining a club of 40 countries globally, but only three others in the … Continue reading

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China’s competition for living space | DW Documentary

More than 60 percent of China’s population of 1.4 billion currently lives in cities. Within a decade, the share of urban dwellers is expected to increase to 75 percent. Construction is booming and competition for residential land is fierce. But … Continue reading

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China’s Mars rover has beamed back its first images of the red planet | Yahoo News

Aylin Woodward Thu, 20 May 2021, 12:38 am A photo showing the back of China’s Zhurong rover from its landing spot on Mars’ Utopia Planitia, following a May 15, 2021 landing. China National Space Administration China’s Zhurong rover, which landed … Continue reading

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A Mirrored Ceiling and Gleaming Tile Floor Turn This Chinese Bookstore into an Immersive M.C. Escher-Style Illusion | Colossal

X+Living is known for its deceptively designed Zhongshuge bookstores that mimic M.C. Escher woodcuts and trippy infinite spaces. The latest iteration is this dreamy location in Chengdu featuring bold archways, a reflective tile floor that makes the display tables appear like … Continue reading

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How an Ancient Remedy Became a Modern Cure for Malaria

In the 1960s drug-resistant strains of malaria emerged, making the disease even deadlier than before. Then, pharmaceutical scientist Tu Youyou discovered a promising new remedy buried within the pages of ancient Chinese texts. Hosted by: Hank Green

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