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Vladivostok, the capital of the Russian Far East | Chinese quarter, Japanese cars & Russian samovars

Hi guys! In this video I will show you Vladivostok, the capital of Russia’s Far East. That day in July, when I filmed this video, was the Russian Navy Day. It’s a very important holiday here because Vladivostok is the … Continue reading

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“The Butterfly People” – Samburu | Charlie’s Travels in Africa

The Samburu is a nomadic tribe in northern Kenya, closely related to the Maasai. Discover the area together with these warriors. Raw, diverse and colourful! Make together with Samburu warriors an adventurous hike through the rainforest with beautiful views. The … Continue reading

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Why the Airship May Be the Future of Air Travel

[…] Just one short-haul flight a year produces 10% of our individual carbon emissions. We could go back to trains for our traveling, which produce about half the CO2 of a plane, but you don’t always have the time. What … Continue reading

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Little Amal the giant puppet’s London itinerary has been revealed | Time Out

Written by Rhian Daly Monday 9 August 2021 Join the nine-year-old refugee on her London adventure Little Amal, a 3.5-metre-tall puppet of a nine-year-old girl, is doing something most humans couldn’t manage after 18 months on the sofa: walking 8,000km … Continue reading

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Traveling the Trans-Siberian in the 3rd class train // Russian platzkart

Hello my friends! In this vlog I will take an eight-hour train journey to my hometown, Spassk. The town is located just on the last stretch of the Trains-Siberian Railway, the one from Khabarovsk to Vladivostok. The type of train … Continue reading

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You Can Sleep in Gaudí’s Legendary First House ‘Casa Vicens‘ for $1 | My Modern Met

By Samantha Pires on June 24, 2021 For the first time in 136 years, Gaudí’s first house, Casa Vicens, is available to spend the night in for an incredible experience.   If you have always loved the incredible Art Nouveau … Continue reading

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Painted Lady butterflies make an extreme migration across the scorching Sahara desert | CNET

Meara Isenberg June 23, 2021 5:50 p.m. PT Monarchs aren’t the only butterflies with migratory muscle, a new study confirms.   After a 21-year study, an international team of researchers has presented strong evidence to suggest the Painted Lady butterfly … Continue reading

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How quantum mechanics help birds find their way

Some birds can sense Earth’s magnetic field, using it to navigate. But precisely how they do this has long remained a mystery. Now, researchers have confirmed that a protein found in bird eyes displays a quantum mechanical phenomenon which makes … Continue reading

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Herd of Wild Elephants Take an Adorable Nap Together After 500-Mile Journey

After trekking across 300 miles, these elephants are taking a well-deserved nap!   There is nothing like a well-deserved nap after a long day, and these elephants definitely deserved it. This herd of 15 wild Asian elephants embarked on a … Continue reading

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Why Russia is shrinking? | Population decline problem

Why Russia’s young people want out? I asked people in the streets of Moscow! Russia has recorded its largest annual population decline in the previous years. According to Rosstat, the official government statistics service, the number of people permanently living … Continue reading

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