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81st Street – @AMNH Station | NY Transit Museum

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The Deadliest Company In Human History | Answers With Joe

[…] Spices might be the single thing in history that most shaped our world today. That sounds crazy, but spices once were as valuable as gold. It was an international currency that created and destroyed civilizations and great cities, and … Continue reading

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Loch Ness Tour Guide Doesn’t Give A F**k

I hate Magicians For more and upcoming gigs, visit @eleanormorton on twitter @eleanormortoncomedian on instagram http://www.eleanormortoncomedian.com If you enjoyed, why not support me here: https://ko-fi.com/eleanormorton

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BBC Radio 4 – Natural Histories, Nightingale

Brett Westwood soaks in a sound bath of nightingale song as he explores how this dull, brown bird continues to inspire human creativity. Featuring folk musician Sam Lee, philosopher and professor of music David Rothenberg, Bristol University reader Francesca MacKenney, … Continue reading

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🎥@ssparks 📍Princess Juliana Airport, St. Maarten 🎶 look at the sky-OsMan

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This Ukrainian is doing what he can to stay chill | The Daily Show

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“Carnival Is Canceled” by Case Maclaim at Aalborg, Denmark | Street Art News

“Carnival Is Canceled” by international renowned artist Case Maclaim was made in collaboration with Kirk Gallery as part of their “Out In The Open” Project last 2020. The mural portrays a woman in a clown costume and a partly completed clowns … Continue reading

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Magnificent Antwerp, Belgium | old town walking tour with captions

We hope you enjoy this walk with us in Antwerp, Belgium. Turn on captions for some interesting facts about Antwerp. Our guided walking tour takes us around the centre of Antwerpen old town and covers most attractions and historic sites … Continue reading

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Last Stop For Lost Property

An intimate look at the New York City subway and the thousands of items and people that get lost in its tunnels. —- 2020 / Brooklyn, NY / 12.50 min – Jury Prize Best Documentary: San Francisco Short Film Festival … Continue reading

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Gabrielle, “Marchioness of Gossip” | messynessychic

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