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Daily ART 🖌 (@dailyart_viral) • Instagram reel

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The hidden cost of orange juice | DW Documentary

Brazil is the world’s top supplier of orange juice. But accusations abound of exploitation and poor working conditions for laborers. Are the claims true? “You work whatever the weather – sunshine, rain, cold, extreme heat. It’s physically exhausting. A sack … Continue reading

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What even is Hefeweizen? | The Craft Beer Channel

This week we champion a deeply untrendy style – the classic Hefeweizen! Already turned off? Well wait until you hear the incredible history, and see our faces light up as we try one of the best beers we’ve ever had … Continue reading

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 Everything is a cake 🎂 | dailyart_viral

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dendê nation – Samba Reggae 🥁 (@1dende.nation) • Instagram reel

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10 Facts About Chillies You Didn’t Know…probably!

Here are 10 facts about my favourite fruit, the chilli! Learn how to create your own chilli variety: https://youtu.be/58PJTo_5JNs […]

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Making a safe made completely out of chocolate with @amauryguichon 🍫 | StreetArtGlobe  

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10 Incredible Fruits We Grow In Our Permaculture Food Forest

A tour of the most unique fruit that we grow on our farm, and all of the ways that we preserve and cook with them! We made a Patreon for anyone who wants to be more involved, and help us … Continue reading

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BBC Radio 4 – The Food Programme, Fried Chicken: a story of race and identity

Jaega Wise and Melissa Thompson look at the racial connotations of fried chicken. Since the American Civil War to the present day, fried chicken has been used to create negative stereotypes of black people. These stereotypes and this history has … Continue reading

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How Authentic Pesto Is Made In Italy | Regional Eats

Pesto is one of the most popular sauces in the world. The original recipe calls for seven ingredients, no more, no less: basil, extra-virgin olive oil, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, pecorino cheese, salt, and garlic. We traveled to Genoa, Italy, … Continue reading

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