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Enjoy a Socially Distanced Dinner Inside Chochin Lanterns at Hoshinoya Tokyo | Spoon & Tamago

OCTOBER 13, 2021 / JOHNNY Last week, the rejoicement and excitement in Tokyo was palpable as major restrictions were lifted, allowing restaurants and bars to reopen. But just because the State of Emergency was over, doesn’t mean we’re out of … Continue reading

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All the Details from Inside Mei & Satsuki’s Country Home | Spoon & Tamago

SEPTEMBER 21, 2021 / JOHNNY all images courtesy Studio Ghibli In the classic animated film My Neighbor Totoro, the Kusakabe family relocates to a home in the countryside to be closer to their mother, who is hospitalized nearby. Although old … Continue reading

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Japanese Artist Transforms Side of an Old Ship with a Stunning Mural

By Arnesia Young on October 2, 2021 What was once old is new again! The work of Japanese painter, illustrator, and  muralist ONEQ is unmistakable. With her iconic fusion of influences from American pin-up art, comics, and Japanese manga, ONEQ’s … Continue reading

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The Great Picture Book of Everything; Hokusai’s Unpublished Illustrations | #CuratorsCorner S6 Ep8

Do you know how a bear catches its lunch? What the mythical Edo period equivalent of waiting at the bus stop looks like? Can you identify Hokusai’s favourite duck? Never fear, curator Alfred Haft is going to give you the … Continue reading

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Japanese Home Appliances Most Advanced Technology

These are latest Home Appliances and most advanced Technology in Japan. They are also my favorite Japanese gadgets for the home. I’ve been doing a lot of research these days, to see what are the best Japanese home appliances and … Continue reading

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Installation at Tokyo’s National Art Center Made From Brochures of Pandemic-Related Cancelled Events | Spoon & Tamago

photos courtesy yuri yagi and NACT The global pandemic has hit the pause button on life. Everything that brought us together—art shows and festivals to trade shows and symposiums—have all been cancelled. But memorializing these events and re-contextualizing them as … Continue reading

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A Japanese UFO? – The Utsuro-Bune Incident of 1803

oday, we examine a mysterious event in Japanese history where a strange object drifted to shore in 1803 near a fishing village. Some are convinced the event is clear evidence of an extraterrestrial visitation by aliens occurring in our not … Continue reading

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Performance in the streets of Takamatshu-Shi, Japan. Video by @riyo___ | Air la Grande Phrase


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Somewhere in Japan | Our Planet Daily

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‘Fantastic Landscapes’ Surveys the Vivid Use of Color in Hokusai and Hiroshige’s Woodblock Prints

Utagawa Hiroshige, “Yamashiro Province: The Togetsu Bridge in Mount Arashi (Yamashiro, Arashiyama Togetsukyo),” from the series Famous Places in the Sixty-Odd Provinces (Rokujuyoshu meisho zue), 1853 An exhibition opening this weekend at the Art Institute of Chicago plunges into the … Continue reading

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