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An Astonishing Array of Ceramic Mosaic Tiles Comprise a Japanese Museum’s Historical Collection | Colossal

JUNE 24, 2022. KATE MOTHES Image © Ryota Murase. All images courtesy of the Mosaic Tile Museum, In the Gifu Prefecture of Japan, a nucleus of creativity blossomed in Kasahara Town, Tajimi City, more than a millennium ago. Known for its … Continue reading

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Lush Canopies of Hundreds of Purple Flowers Erupt from Japan’s Wisteria | Colossal

MAY 23, 2022. GRACE EBERT Ashikaga Flower Park, Tochigi, Japan. All images © Ryo Tajima Each spring, the Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi, Japan, is flooded with bright, blossoming canopies of purple flowers. The area is home to more than … Continue reading

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Exploring Japan’s Historical Landmarks and Shrines in the Middle of Streets | Spoon & Tamago

MAY 20, 2022 / JOHNNY If you’ve ever driven in Japan you may have come across an unfamiliar scene: a small shrine right in the middle of the road. Sometimes the road curves to one side to avoid the shrine … Continue reading

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How Wisteria Trees Make Spring the Most Magical Time in Japan | My Modern Met

By Sara Barnes on April 20, 2022 Photo: Torsakarin/Depositphotos These gorgeous trees make Japan look like a magical spell (the good kind!) has been cast on the whole country. The time between the middle of April and the middle of … Continue reading

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the ‘reversible destiny lofts mitaka’ by shusaku arakawa + madeline gins in tokyo | Amazing architecture, Unusual buildings, Unique architecture

Aug 12, 2020 – shusaku arakawa and madeline gins’ ‘the reversible destiny lofts mitaka (in memory of helen keller)’ is an experimental apartment complex in tokyo. More: the ‘reversible destiny lofts mitaka’ by shusaku arakawa + madeline gins in tokyo … Continue reading

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‘Spirited Away’ Makes Live-Action Theater Debut on Stage in Tokyo | My Modern Met

By Larisa Crowder on April 4, 2022 Studio Ghibli fans rejoice! The beloved animated film Spirited Away officially made its debut on the stage. The acclaimed Studio Ghibli film has earned devoted fans around the world since its release in 2001. It … Continue reading

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I want you to see the moment when the light shines on the legendary one cherry tree | marutsubame

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A quick afternoon nap 🦌😴 -📍Japan 🇯🇵 |  #discoverJapan with @unicorn.forest

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Explore and Download Over 220,000 Japanese Woodblock Prints | My Modern Met

By Madeleine Muzdakis on March 13, 2022 “Actors Arashi Kitsusaburô (R) and Sawamura Kunitarô (L),” Ukiyo-e print by Gigado Ashiyuki, 1828. (Photo: MFA via ukiyo-e.org) Known as ukiyo-e, the woodblock prints depict famous scenes from literature, theater, and beyond. Japan … Continue reading

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Mount Fuji-Japan 🇯🇵 | Neriman Arkanli

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