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How To Build A Solarpunk City

I believe our cities should belong to us. They should be cooperative, co-creative, ecological, and egalitarian spaces, by and for the people. We have so much untapped urban potential just waiting to be explored. Join me as we determine how … Continue reading

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All 17 Megadiverse Countries

In terms of species count, an overwhelming majority of the world’s flora and fauna is harboured by a relatively small number of countries. But it is not solely the number of species that qualifies a country as “mega” diverse. Endemism … Continue reading

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Wayne shorter said it all a day before he passed

Wayne Shorter, one of modern jazz’s most passionately acclaimed composers and an enigmatic, intrepid saxophonist, passed away on Thursday in Los Angeles. He was 89. Alisse Kingsley, his publicist, verified his hospital death. No immediate information was available regarding the … Continue reading

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‘Mr Sandman,’ bassoon quartet.

Original arrangement of the song, ‘Mr. Sandman.’

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Expressive Portraits Emerge from Pieces of Cardboard in Josh Gluckstein’s Wildlife Sculptures | Colossal

MARCH 15, 2023. KATE MOTHES All images © Josh Gluckstein Since childhood, London-based artist Josh Gluckstein has been fascinated by the incredible diversity of our planet’s wildlife and inspired to make sculptures of animals from found materials. He often uses … Continue reading

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In ‘Dyal Thak,’ Photographer Kin Coedel Offers an Intimate Glimpse of Life on the Rapidly Changing Tibetan Plateau | Colossal

MARCH 15, 2023. GRACE EBERT All images © Kin Coedel In 2021, Kin Coedel created an intimate series of photographs that document the lives of several nomadic communities on the Tibetan Plateau. Nestled between the Himalayas and the Taklamakan Desert, the … Continue reading

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Unlock creative genius like da Vinci and Richard Feynman | Tiago Forte

Master creative thinking in 90 minutes, with expert Tiago Forte. Subscribe to Big Think on YouTube ► / @bigthink Up next, The neuroscience of creativity, perception, and confirmation bias ► • The Neuroscience … It’s never been easier for us … Continue reading

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… because flying… is like a dance | Photo by Edu Aguilera

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Simple solutions to create a more welcoming environment after dark #Manchester

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Blu’s Refreshed Mural in Barcelona Bites into Ravenous Capitalism and Nature’s Brute Force | Colossal

MARCH 15, 2023. GRACE EBERT All images © Blu An updated mural from the anonymous Italian street artist highlights nature’s unparalleled capability for destruction. An updated mural from the anonymous Italian street artist Blu (previously) sinks its teeth into capitalistic greed and … Continue reading

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