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Look into the secret world of numerology and puzzles in Bach | Aeon Essays

The church of Pontaumur in the Auvergne, France, houses the only replica in Europe of the Arnstadt organ on which Bach composed in his early days. Photo by Philippe Dezmazes/AfP/Getty   Milton Mermikidesis reader in music at the University of … Continue reading

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Nanotechnology and COVID-19 research – a virtual Q&A hosted by Nature Nanotechnology

Nature Nanotechnology hosted a Q&A session with Nicole Steinmetz (University of California, San Diego) and Ronit Satchi-Fainaro (Tel Aviv University). Nicole and Ronit presented their work on a COVID-19 vaccine and discussed how nanotechnology can contribute to COVID-19 research, in … Continue reading

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Treating Cancer with Plant Viruses: A Conversation with Nicole Steinmetz

In this episode of Stories from the NNI, Lisa Friedersdorf, Director of the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office, speaks with Professor Nicole Steinmetz of University of California, San Diego about her work using virus-like-particles to treat cancer and where she’s seen … Continue reading

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Potential Next Vaccines Don’t Require Needles Or Fridges To Be Effective –

By Ell Ko, 16 Sep 2021 Vaccines are being investigated more today than before thanks to the widespread rollout of COVID-19 doses across the globe. As crucial as they are, vaccines aren’t the most logistics-friendly piece of medical equipment. Most … Continue reading

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The Surprising Species That Everything Else Depends On | IN OUR NATURE

[…] Seemingly distant ecosystems, even half a world apart, are connected in surprising ways. In this special limited series, Emily Graslie and Trace Dominguez join me as we explore the universal rules of life that tie together Earth’s living systems. … Continue reading

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Evoking Childhood Nostalgia, Color and Cartoon Commotion Burst from Kayla Mahaffey’s Paintings | Colossal

SEPTEMBER 15, 2021. GRACE EBERT “The Sweet Escape” Surrounding Black children with jumbled masses of cartoon characters, doodles, and explosions of color, Chicago-based artist Kayla Mahaffey (previously) imagines adolescent daydreams and an array of playtime inventions. She infuses her acrylic … Continue reading

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Why Y Chromosomes Won’t Be Around Forever

We’re generally taught that chromosomes determine an animal’s sex, but it is way more nuanced than that. Hosted by: Rose Bear Don’t Walk

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Vibrant Drawings Use Layers of Colors and Lines To Visualize Modern People | My Modern Met

By Margherita Cole on September 14, 2021 Portraits not only capture the personality of the sitter, but also the character of the era in which they were made. Denver-based artist Lui Ferreyra utilizes color, shape, and line to create striking … Continue reading

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Set in Helsinki | Samba Sinestesia

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The nearly forgotten origin myth of Hawaii’s third-gender healers, as told by one | Aeon Videos

A retelling of a Hawaiian story recalls how third-gender healers came to inhabit the islands, and keeps their power alive In Hawaiian culture, moʻolelo means story, tale or myth, but it also refers to history. Traditionally passed down through oral … Continue reading

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