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Comentário espontâneo de Jorge Terra (procurador do estado e presidente da Comissão Sobre a Verdade da Escravidão Negra da Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil.)

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Father Nature! | Amaury Guichon

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Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Quantum Physics is Different – with Philip Ball

Quantum physics has a reputation as one of the most obscure and impenetrable subjects in science. Subscribe for regular science videos: Philip’s book “Beyond Weird” is available now: Philip Ball will talk about what quantum theory really means … Continue reading

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Why the volcanic eruption in Tonga was so violent, and what to expect next | The Conversation

Shane Cronin Professor of Earth Sciences, University of Auckland AAP/Japan Meteorology Agency The eruption is akin to a weapons-grade chemical explosion, and there could be several weeks or even years of major volcanic unrest to follow. The Kingdom of Tonga … Continue reading

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The 6 Year Overnight Success | Julie Nolke | TEDxIIITA

Julie talks about how success is perceived, efforts that go unnoticed until one achieves recognition. She encourages the audience to be with dedicated towards their life goals as the only question is how long it will take one to become … Continue reading

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Piss off? Annoy? Shit on? Why Macron’s use of the French swear word ‘emmerder’ is so hard to translate | The Conversation

He said what? Frederic Legrand – COMEO/Shutterstock You can only properly translate French scatological swear words if you consider who is using them. In this case, the most powerful person in France. When French president Emmanuel Macron vowed to “emmerder” … Continue reading

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Giant Centerpiece

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The people and problems you’ll encounter on Market Street… part 2! | the_manc

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Zombie Fungus or Energy Mushroom? The Ultimate Guide To Cordyceps

Cordyceps is a powerful medicinal mushroom used for energy, endurance, immunity and more. Learn the most important types, how they grow (some grow on bugs!) and what this powerful medicinal mushroom can do for you. 0:00 Intro 0:38 What Is … Continue reading

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Move Slow | Viola Loves Cycling

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