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Curved Origami | Ekaterina Lukasheva

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Isaac Asimov talks about superstition, religion and why he teaches rationality

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Finland’s Public Libraries Are the Best & Offer More Than Just Books

“Library services are an investment in people.” Ranked number one on the World Happiness Report since 2018, Finland seems to have it all together. With a government that invests so highly in the overall wellbeing of its citizens, it is … Continue reading

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Manchester: Something Rich and Strange – book review

Danny Moran on this new collection of mind-opening perspectives on urban life PSYCHOGEOGRAPHY, that playful pursuit where people seek new meanings in familiar landscapes, has been much the rage in recent times. There’s now a wealth of literature devoted to … Continue reading

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Earthrise: A Poem About Climate Change by Amanda Gorman | Kottke

At the Biden/Harris inauguration on Wednesday, poet Amanda Gorman, dressed in the yellow of the Sun, realigned the planets with her recitation of a poem called The Hill We Climb. In 2018 for The Climate Reality Project, riffing off of … Continue reading

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Is life meaningless? And other absurd questions – Nina Medvinskaya

Dive into Albert Camus’ philosophy of the absurd, and explore the question: if the world is meaningless, could our lives still hold value? — Albert Camus grew up surrounded by violence. His homeland of Algeria was mired in conflict. He … Continue reading

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Corrugated Steel Shelves Line a Church-Turned-Poetry-Shop in Shanghai

Peer inside Shanghai’s St. Nicholas, an Orthodox church from 1932, and you won’t see pews or traditional iconography. Thanks to architectural firm Wutopia Lab, the renovated building now serves as a shrine to verse. Titled “Church in Church,” the 388 square-meter … Continue reading

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Books & Sleeves

Books & Sleeves – a new set of animated covers – based on the question: How would these great book graphics and record covers from the past look like when set in motion? Animation: Henning M. Lederer /// led-r-r.net/ Music: … Continue reading

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These Incredible Creative Works Are Entering the Public Domain in 2020

The new year means a new selection of art, music, literature, and films that are now copyright free. January 1 is a time to start fresh and look forward to the coming year full of possibilities. And for art and … Continue reading

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A New Book Compiles Work from 84 Contemporary Artists Who are Reinventing Embroidery

A new book by Charlotte Vannier considers how embroidery has evolved from a domestic task mostly done by women into an art. Comprised of the work of 84 contemporary artists from around the world⁠—including Elisabeth Bucht, Rossana Taormina, Diane Meyer, … Continue reading

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