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Humpback whale rescue!

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What Dinosaurs ACTUALLY Looked Like?

https://kgs.link/12022_Calendar As the year 12,021 slowly comes to an end, we present to you the 12,022 Human Era Calendar: Eons Edition. You can get the very shiny, high-quality, limited edition now until we sell out and then never again. WORLDWIDE … Continue reading

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Between Wounds and Folds: Suspended Cow Carcasses and Tree Stumps Reveal Layers of Discarded Fabric by Tamara Kostianovsky

OCTOBER 11, 2021. CHRISTOPHER JOBSON Photo © J.C. Cancedda Working with the tattered remnants of consumer culture, artist Tamara Kostianovsky(previously) asks us to question the origins, process, and disastrous results of our seemingly unquenchable desire to buy and waste. Four … Continue reading

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REAL holograms are finally here! (And they look very cool)

Forget science fiction — Silicon Valley start-up Light Field Lab has created a hologram so real that I could put my hand right through it.

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Pin on Wintercroft – Fish Mask |  Low Poly Masks, Jochem’s Clownfish

May 13, 2019 – DIGITAL DOWNLOAD In unflappable style, you can become a beautiful aquatic creature by wearing our sleek, stunning Fish Head Mask. For good times and dropping lines, this one is hard to beat. Beware of baited hooks … Continue reading

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Yuta Okuda Combines Blotches of Paint with Delicate Lines to Create Colorful Bouquets | Spoon & Tamago

OCTOBER 8, 2021 / JOHNNY all images courtesy the artist From afar, Yuta Okuda‘s artwork can resemble pressed flowers. But come closer and the blossoming bouquets reveal themselves to be something much more complex with an ambiguity that shifts between … Continue reading

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How Stars Freeze

[…] When you think of a frozen object in space, you might think of Pluto, but stars themselves actually freeze. Hosted By: Hank Green […]

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Witness the majesty of moths taking flight at 6,000 frames per second | Aeon Videos

The incredible biophysics of moths taking flight is a spectacle to behold – especially at 6,000 frames per second ‘Whose day isn’t gonna be better after watching a pink and yellow rosy maple moth fly in super-slow motion?’ You might … Continue reading

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Why is simplicity so unreasonably effective at scientific explanation? | Aeon Essays

Detail of Measurement of the Earth (Eratosthenes) (1966), by Crockett Johnson. Courtesy Ruth Krauss in memory of Crockett Johnson/NMAH   Johnjoe McFaddenis professor of molecular genetics at the University of Surrey in the UK. His books include Quantum Evolution (2011); … Continue reading

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Meteor, Mount Merapi, Indonesia | Green Earth

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