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The Insane Scale of Europe’s New Mega-Tunnel

Denmark is building a record-breaking tunnel to Germany. For more by The B1M subscribe now – https://bit.ly/the-b1m Full story here – https://theb1m.com/video/building-the… Additional footage courtesy of Femern A/S, TV2 ØST, NDR, DW, Dissing+Weitling, Crossrail, BBT Clips, Microsoft Flight Simulator and … Continue reading

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Why does your Microwave waste half its Power?

Clarification: By saying half the energy is wasted, I only meant that it was available but unused. In other words, the device doesn’t take full advantage of what the wall is providing. It only uses 40-50% of the provided potential. … Continue reading

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How does a pipe organ actually work? | Anna Lapwood | Classic FM

Organist Anna Lapwood presents a beginner’s guide to the organ, from stops, pedals and manuals to pipes and wind chests. Filmed at St John’s Smith Square in London – home to a magnificent organ made up of a whopping 3,574 … Continue reading

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JWST’s successor: The Carl Sagan Observatory – a 12 METRE optical telescope searching for exo-Earth

Big thank you to Matt Mountain (STSci, AURA) who recently gave a lecture in Oxford on his experience leading the planning and development of JWST and who touched on the Carl Sagan observatory in his talk. #jwst #alienlife #carlsagan Hammel … Continue reading

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Wall printer | How Things Are Manufactured

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How 2 Million Children Are Fed Daily By The World’s Biggest Free School Meal Provider | Big Batches

The Akshaya Patra Foundation has provided 3 billion free school meals and is one of India’s largest nongovernmental organizations. It prepares freshly cooked food and nutritious meals for 2 million children every day in 65 kitchens across 14 states and … Continue reading

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Tiers of Dyed Water Burst into Perfectly Concentric Circles in Jack Long’s Energetic Photos | Colossal

NOVEMBER 12, 2022. GRACE EBERT All images © Jack Long Photographer Jack Long captures precisely arranged pools of water that layer tiers of color into dynamic works. For at least a decade, Jack Long has paired his day job in … Continue reading

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The Early 20th Century Seen in Real Color

Color photography began to be widely popularized during the 1960s and 70s, and we’re used to seeing history before that point in black and white. But color has been reproduced for much longer than that. Early experiments were made shortly … Continue reading

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Launching molten iron in the air with a shovel.

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Yes, the Inuit have dozens of words for snow – but what does each one mean exactly? | Aeon Videos

Travel by snowmobile through a pristine white landscape in north Quebec in search of the dozens of Inuit words for snow You’ve probably heard that there are dozens of Inuit names for snow, but what do they each mean, and … Continue reading

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