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The Unexpected Measure that Makes the Modern World Tick

[…] All of modern society relies upon a seemingly simple but surprisingly complex unit of measurement: the second. But knowing exactly what a “second” is is more complicated than you might think! […]

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Traditional Japanese Time Was Very Different

How the Japanese kept time back then. 0:00 Traditional Japanese time 3:35 Western time system: GARBAGE?? 4:34 How do you READ these things? 6:27 End of Japanese Time […]

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What Role Does our Microbiome Play in a Healthy Diet? – with Tim Spector

There’s a lot of conflicting info out there about how to eat healthily. Tim Spector studies the microbiome to gain insight into how its diversity can impact health outcomes. Subscribe for regular science videos: http://bit.ly/RiSubscRibe Tim’s book “The Diet Myth” … Continue reading

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Nuclear Waste: What Do We Do With It?

[…] How much nuclear waste is there, how dangerous is it, what can we do with it? Today we look into nuclear waste disposal and nuclear waste recycling. The website that lets you calculate the radiation dose from uranium is … Continue reading

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Kinetic Diamond-Shaped ‘Glasshouse’ Unfurls Like a Blooming Flower | My Modern Met

By Jessica Stewart on November 25, 2022 Photo: Hufton + Crow It’s like being in a giant terrarium. Mixing function and form, Heatherwick Studio has created a stunning kinetic structure at the UK’s Woolbeding Gardens. Nestled in a historic Sussex … Continue reading

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3 Paradoxes That Gave Us Calculus

[…] Creator Jade Tan-Holmes Script Thank you to script writer Simon Morrow for your work on this video. simonmorrow.com Animations Tom Groenestyn Music https://www.epidemicsound.com/ Sources/Further Reading The History of Zeno’s Arguments on Motion: Phases in the Development of the Theory … Continue reading

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Why the number 0 was banned for 1500 years

[…] Hi! I’m Jade. If you’d like to consider supporting Up and Atom, head over to my Patreon page 🙂 https://www.patreon.com/upandatom Visit the Up and Atom store https://store.nebula.app/collections/… Subscribe to Up and Atom for physics, math and computer science videos … Continue reading

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The Insane Scale of Europe’s New Mega-Tunnel

Denmark is building a record-breaking tunnel to Germany. For more by The B1M subscribe now – https://bit.ly/the-b1m Full story here – https://theb1m.com/video/building-the… Additional footage courtesy of Femern A/S, TV2 ØST, NDR, DW, Dissing+Weitling, Crossrail, BBT Clips, Microsoft Flight Simulator and … Continue reading

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Why does your Microwave waste half its Power?

Clarification: By saying half the energy is wasted, I only meant that it was available but unused. In other words, the device doesn’t take full advantage of what the wall is providing. It only uses 40-50% of the provided potential. … Continue reading

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Evolution of the Giant Flightless Birds

The ratites or palaeognaths, animals like Emus, Ostriches and Cassowaries are incredibly interesting animals, being some of the largest birds that have ever existed and possessing many primitive looking features that give them a very unique look. However, they also … Continue reading

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