Emergency! All protests great and small

Barcelona Street Scraps

Emergency! All protests great and small

I had originally gone out yesterday to get some photos of the demonstrations related to the “Diada” of Catalonia, which were 1.5 million strong. One of the best photos I managed to get is here. In the Plaça de Sant Jaume, where the Barcelona city council and Regional government of Catalunya are located, I found a medium-sized group of people gathered in a small circle, many with their mobile phones raised high, suggesting that there might be something photo-worthy. It was, in fact, a small protest against the various festivals throughout Spain which involve the killing of a bull. You can find the photo here.
So why the links for these two photos? Well, I prefer to keep this blog more or less on topic; I want to devote this blog to these little things I find on the walls, doors, and sometimes windows of this great city.

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