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This is a little too Blade Runner-esque for comfort, but it is one way Brazil is fighting extinction of their native species.

Throughout Brazil’s richly diverse habitats stretching from the Amazon Basin to the Mantiqueira mountains, populations of jaguar,  maned wolf,  black lion, bush dog, bison, collared anteater, gray brocket deer, and coati are dwindling as deforestation wipes out more of their homeland. All of those animals are on the Red List of Threatened Species.

Brasilia Zoological Garden and the Brazilian government’s agricultural research agency EMBRAPA aren’t employing a plan to restore habitat. Instead, they’re cloning the animals.

Officials say the main goal will be to clone the animals for zoos, leaving the wild populations alone… but some of the clones will also be released. Scientists plan to use genetic material from dead animals for the clones.

First up for the process is the maned wolf, though researchers won’t be creating any…

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