Two Incredibly Different British Cities: My Insight on Newcastle and Manchester

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Instead of rocketing our way back down from Scotland to London, Mikaela and I decided to take a few days to explore a couple of England’s popular cities.  To be perfectly honest, MTV’s horrible program Geordie Shore was the main reason for our Newcastle trip.  A boy from Manchester once told me he loves his hometown, but he’ll never go back.  That intriguing negativity alone drew me into the city.

Surprisingly, the two cities blew me away—for completely different reasons.

Clean, classy Newcastle has a smart pedestrian area that leads to a gigantic statue of Charles Earl Grey.  A daily market offers fresh food and local crafts.  Heading south from the monument, an expensive shopping street lined with modern glass benches takes you to the riverfront.


Newcastle upon Tyne receives its identity from the numerous bridges stretched across the Tyne.  From the Millennium Bridge staring west, I counted six.  The river…

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3 Responses to Two Incredibly Different British Cities: My Insight on Newcastle and Manchester

  1. panterawrr says:

    I went to England last year and I remember looking out the window on the train as it stopped in the middle of a bridge and I soon realised it was the Tyne. I never stopped in Newcastle but like you I was drawn to it because of Geordie Shore. I told myself I’ll be there next time and after reading your account I think I will very much enjoy the trip too.

    As for Manchester, I was there to visit a few friends who live there or close to (in Leeds) as well as flights from Sydney were cheaper. Manchester had such an alternative and eclectic vibe and I thoroughly enjoyed people watching especially how funkily dressed people were. My first night there was truly an eye opener as my mates took me to amazing bars and pubs that are unlike the ones I had been to in Sydney. Then there was the night walk down Canal street in the gay district where my hotel was – that was VERY interesting!

    The artwork was amazing around the Northern Quarter and I spent a dat roaming around taking photos. The building with thw big bird was my hostel. I stayed at the top floor of that building.. 230 steps, no public access to the lift other than for luggage! And Afflecks down the road was a fantastic market of alternative, punk, rockabilly and vintage goods.

    I absolutely loved Manchester which surprised me a lot. I was there during the Christmas markets which probably made me fall in love with the place even more. My only qualm with the city is how eerie and quiet some streets get in the day but mostly at night which made me want to walk faster or take a longer route just so I know I can get to my destination in one piece. Yet my friend would laugh at me and would reassure me that it’s completely safe.


    • agogo22 says:

      Interesting to hear your perspective on my home city (I live in Manchester) but this was a reblog(I didn’t write it)!


      • panterawrr says:

        Damn I knew it was a reblog but I thought I had posted it on the author’s actual page. Looks like I’ll be copying and pasting!


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