When boredom sets in

Where to next?

Nothing like a gigantic traffic jam to bring out creative solutions to pass the time until everyone is able to move on.

Luckily, overland trucks are much better equipped than cars to provide their passengers with an array of entertainment.

Take the other day.

On the way to Porto Velho in western Brazil, we came up behind a kilometer-long line of vehicles. Once we realised there was an equally long line coming from the other direction, we knew there had to have been an accident.

Even though the truck is filled with people over the age of 18, there’s still an are-we-there-yet mentality. So out come the goodies to keep the big kiddies occupied.

The volleyball came out first and kept people amused for 10–15 minutes, and then out came the fancy-dress box. We’d used these clothes last year on my birthday and for Halloween, so I could imagine…

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