No art without math and science


I had the fortune to spend a few days in Barcelona last month and spent hours at La Sagrada Familia among other Antoni Gaudi projects.

Everything Gaudi designed is inspired by science – mostly, environmental and geometric.

The combination of the two is captured in the following photo taken from inside the church:



The columns are double-twisted, branching ultimately intersecting with hyperboloids which allow more light and better acoustics.  The nature and beauty that results is inspiring.

Another example of Gaudi’s use of geometry is shown in the photo below depicts a reproduction of Gaudi’s model for Colonia Güell based on string and bags of birdshot which create an upside down rendition of the ultimate design:


From the description in the museum:

The hanging model is based on the theory of the reversion of the catenary.  A chain suspended from two points will hang spontaneously in the shape of the so-called…

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