marble at marble in manchester

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when we first moved to england two years ago, i ran into a beer from a brewery called marble brewery, based out of manchester. their beers are fairly uncommonly found in london, but whenever i saw one on tap, i would smile to myself, recalling with fondness my favourite brewery from back home in new mexico, which is also named marble brewery.

some time went by, and eventually i was sat over a pint of marble manchester’s best bitter with a friend from back home (also living in london, woop!) and recalling with fondness many a night spent on the amazing patio at marble albuquerque, quaffing their unstoppable red ale. for some reason, i decided to have a look at marble abq’s website and stumbled upon a little blurb that said marble abq was named after marble manchester.

of course!

fast forward to may of this year and…

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