Meet international freelancers who aren’t afraid to work in Brazil

Ben Tavener

After much media coverage both in Brazil and abroad about Danish journalist Mikkel Keldorf Jenson’s decision to leave Brazil, meet this motley crew of international freelancers who aren’t afraid to work here and will keep telling its story as long as we can.

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Ben Tavener

Reporting the World Cup, and everything that has led up to it, was one of the main reasons I made the move to Brazil three years ago. Each day life here has brought new challenges and new frustrations, but often alongside brighter, sometimes life-changing experiences.

On the ground with World Cup protests in São Paulo With a World Cup protest in central São Paulo which saw vandalism and arrests.

By battling Brazil’s everyday conundrums – bureaucracy, poor infrastructure, high living costs – and talking to people from all walks of life, we can give the outside world a clearer picture of what is really happening here.

Getting a sense of events on the ground…

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