Yes Tyler Brûlé, Australia is on the verge of becoming one of the world’s dumbest nations. (But it’s not because of Sydney’s ‘lock-out’ regulations)

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Last week Tyler Brûlé, Editor-in-Chief at Monocle, claimed that Australia is ‘on the verge of becoming the world’s dumbest nation’ because of excessive regulations. In particular, Sydney’s ‘lock out’ laws and ‘airport curfews’ drew his ire, along with not being able to carry a glass of wine out onto a pavement. According to Brûlé “If you want to be globally attractive you need to have bars open until whatever hours of the day”.

While his comments caused the inevitable brouhaha, there is still a question about what being ‘globally attractive’ really means. Do we need to offer the facilities and amenities of all other cities to be seen as global? Is each ‘global’ city much the same as another? How do we begin to test our cities for these qualities?

Well why not look to Monocle’s own city ranking system, the liveable cities index. It preferences cities that…

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