Imaging Brazil 147: Selling Snacks in Minas Gerais, MG (2007)

Adriano Antoine

A personal selection of photographs with their stories in English, Portuguese, and Dutch (scroll down for the Portuguese and Dutch texts).

147. Sweet and salty snacks seller / Vendedor de salgados e doces / Verkoopster van versnaperingen


AUGUST 2007: Sweet and salty snacks seller

It is quite a long ride, the train travel between Belo Horizonte and Vitória, almost six hundred kilometers. You will have to spend more than thirteen hours before you arrive in the capital of the state of Espírito Santo. Indeed, the train runs at low speed. You can choose between a seat in the air-conditioned first class and a seat in the cheaper tourist class. Open windows provide the ventilation needed. During the travel, there are some options of refreshments. One cart rides on the corridors, or you can take a short walk to the buffet wagon. The refreshments – including a hot meal – are…

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