Wrecking Balls of Extinction

D.T. Krippene

Meteorite shower on a planet From: GL0CK – Depositphotos.com

Extinction is a fascinating subject to me as a writer, especially if it has a dystopian plot line around a group of humans barely surviving a decimated landscape from any one of natural or manmade calamities. It’s all about the human equation, but what makes it really compelling, is a natural disaster by which we have no control. I’m obsessed with The Apocalypse Waiting Beneath Our Feet, and other earth-based, regularly-scheduled natural disasters mentioned in an article I wrote a couple years ago. Not to say meteor impacts are passé, it’s been a hotly debated subject for decades, but I viewed heavenly body impacts as random events, like chances of winning the lottery (or in this case … losing).

My attitude changed when I read a recent book review by Jim Al-Khalili of the WSJ, The Science of Shooting Stars, which discusses a unique theory…

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