The color of the elite: While Afro-Brazilians make up more than half of the population, whites make up 82% of professional elites

Black Brazil Today


Note from BW of Brazil: Many who have ever been confronted with the racial question in Brazil will simply belittle the idea that the country has any sort of inequalities based upon race, skin color or racially-associated physical appearance. They would have us believe that anyone who points out Brazil’s huge racial disparities are simply “vitimistas” (those who play the victim). For them, if one simply works hard and studies, they can get ahead as easily as anyone with an appearance that would classify them as branco, meaning white. But the fact is, as numerous books over the years have proven beyond a reasonable doubt, this is simply not the case, and there are even those whites, academic or otherwise, who can confirm that white skin indeed provides privileges in Brazil (see here, here or here). One area in which we can certainly judge how…

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