Brazil Making Feminism Matter

Living It Brazilian

While it is being discussed in Estonia whether there is a lack of eligible bachelors as an explication to why more and more smart, successful and beautiful women stay single or go looking elsewhere, Brazil seems to have declared a full on (social media) war on sexism.

In the last six months, two social media campaigns have gone viral: “My First Harrassment” (#meuprimeiroassedio) and “My Secret Friend” (#meuamigosecreto). The first of them came to life just after a participant of Master Chef Junior, a child, became a victim of abusive sexual comments on Twitter. The comments were not just urging sexual violence but also blaming the child herself for it.

Viral Stories of First Abuse

Shocked by what had happened, a journalist and the founder of the feminist project Olga, Juliana de Faria shared a story online of the first time she had been harassed in the street when…

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