Do you know the difference between Rum and Rhum?

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Rum vsRhum: The Battle of the Bottles

“I pity them greatly, but I must be mum, for how could we do without sugar and rum”

William Cowper, English Poet

In the 14th Century, famous explorer Marco Polo wrote of tasting ‘a very good wine of sugar’.

Since then, rhum (and rum) has evolved to becomeone of the most popular liquors on the shelf. With the correct spelling causing cup-full’s of confusion, we have investigated the difference between Rhum and Rum to save your boozy blushes.

Today the spirit falls definitively into two categories: Demerara Rum and RhumAgricole.

Demerara Rum:

Demerara Rum (rum made from molasses) is produced from fermenting molasses, resulting in a sweeter, rounder, and usually darker rum. Demerara Rum is also commonly referred to as Rum Industriel or Rum Traditionnel.



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